Pine Pond

You will need to paddle Lake Flower and Oseetah Lakes to reach this carry for Pine Pond. At the south end of Oseetah Lake look for an old carry trail, which used to be an old woods road. There is a small sign on a tree but it is quite hidden.

This carry is a bit wet in the beginning but dries out quickly and offers a rather level hike to the shore of Pine Pond. There is a short right hand spur trail that leads to Pine Pond and camp sites along its shore. The pond can be seen from the main trail.

There is a very attractive, long sand beach but I don’t recommend swimming, I have been told that there are fresh water leeches. Could be true, could not, but after seeing Stand by Me I will be conservative.

Pine Pond, as small as it is, almost always has loons. Be sure to visit here during the fall season, the colors are as deep as you will find anywhere in the park. Calm waters will welcome you and relax you and eventually coax you into staying longer than expected.

Size in length: Roughly 0.5 miles at its longest point

How to get there: From the intersection of Route 73 and Route 86 in Lake Placid, follow Route 86 toward Saranac Lake. Continue for a bit over 10-miles, through Ray Brook and into the Village of Saranac Lake. As you pass through Saranac Lake, Lake Flower will be on your left. Look for the state boat launch parking, also on the left.

Type of launch: Carry of less than 0.5 miles

Type of water: Flat with mostly calm conditions and well sheltered

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