Town of Keene Ridge Loop

This is a nice walk through the woods on an easy trail with a couple of modest climbs to reach the height-of-land. It features interesting views and a quiet forest add up to a nice, short, family hike.

Primary Trailhead: Leave Lake Placid on Route 73, follow Route 73 toward Keene. Continue through Keene and locate the Marcy Air Field on the right. Take the right just after the air strip onto Airport Road and park at the hiker lot on the right.

This is a 1.25 mile hike is a lollipop loop, along a woods road and well maintained foot trail.

From the parking lot you will initially have to follow a dirt road that leads through a wet forest. The foot trail for Blueberry Mountain will leave on the left while the Town Trail continues straight along a woods road and begins a steady climb. The road will soon continue to go straight and the foot trail breaks right and enters an attractive forest of cedars and tall pines. In a short distance the trail splits and left heads steeply up the ridge, this is the loop.

Continue straight for a counter-clockwise loop. The trail stays a bit mellow as it soon swings left and starts a steeper climb that will bring you to a couple viewing areas. Once past the height-of-land you will start a descent that is very steep in spots, but the footing is in good shape. You will quickly be back on the trail you were on earlier where you will need to take a right to head back to the car.

Family with Young Kids: 1-hour, loop

Experienced Hiker: Less than 1-hour, loop

Out of Shape Hiker: 1-hour, loop

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