Rong Peak

  • Heart Lake
    Lake Placid

Hike Features


Unofficially named "Rong" to differentiate it from nearby Wright Peak, this is an impressive rocky knob a few yards to the right of the trail to Algonquin. It is a short but very steep scramble to the top, and somewhat dangerous if you don't find the best route.


Take the trail to Algonquin, which follows the Marcy Dam Trail for 0.9 miles before heading straight at a four-way intersection toward Algonquin Peak. From here it continually climbs and at times quite steep to a gorgeous waterfall at 3500’. From here you will climb steeply to 3900’ to the base of Rong Peak. A faint herd-path to the right will bring you to the center-base of the rock wall. The best approach I have found is to proceed to the left along a faint herd-path and make your way safely to the scrub trees. Then carefully climb up the steep slope to the open rocks.

Rong Peak can be combined with Algonquin Mountain, Wright Peak, and Iroquois Peak for a long day. Rong is not designated on any maps as being named as such. It is simply a small peak west of Wright Peak. Rong is a local name and can be referred to as Rong or Wrong Peak depending on who you ask or where you see it written.

The climb up the bare rock summit can be very windy and at times in excess of 30 mph. Wind protection should be considered. The summit offers unrestricted 360 degree views.

Rong Peak Trailhead: From the intersection of Route 73 and Route 86 in Lake Placid follow Route 73 toward Keene. Continue for 3.25 miles to Adirondack Loj Road on the right – this is the first right after the Olympic ski jumps. Follow Adirondack Loj Road to its end at Heart Lake. There is a fee for parking.

Time in Hours:

Family with Young Kids: not recommended Experienced Hiker: To Summit: 2.0+ Round Trip: 4-6 hours Out of Shape Hiker: not recommended