Nye Mountain

  • Adirondak Loj Rd
    Lake Placid

Hike Features


Almost always climbed with Street Mountain, Nye Mountain is a short side trip to a nearly viewless summit.


It is often needed to break trail on this one if you plan to go within a couple days of a recent storm; it takes a bit longer for this mountain to get broken out than it does the trailed mountains. In a case like this the herd path can be difficult to stay on so it takes a bit of care to remain on the correct course.

Most Popular Winter Trailhead 

Indian Pass Trail to Street/Nye Herd Path



Round Trip Distance

7.5 miles

Average Round-trip Time

7 to 9 hours with Street Mountain

Essential Gear

Competence with map and compass highly recommended.


This Adirondack 46 High Peak is number 45 on the list.

For a Twofer Day, including Nye with Street only adds about 0.5 miles to the adventure, less than 1 hour in the day.

Route Overview

There is only one designated route up this mountain and this is most along a herd path rather than a marked trail. The actual trail is located back by the toll booth at the back of the small pull-off. Once on the trail you will hike easily past an interpretive building and along a well-developed trail passing by Heart Lake to your left. Continue past the first intersection for Mount Jo on the right and continue straight, pass the trail register, and take the next right which will bring you also up Mount Jo through what is called “The Rock Garden.”  Not long past here the herd path will come in on the left of the trail and a sign labeling the fact that there is no trail maintenance past this point.

From here you will remain flat for a bit then descend to the shore of Indian Pass Brook. This crossing can be tough if there is not a decent layer of ice, be very careful here. On the opposite side the herd path brings you to the top of the knoll on the left and follows flat to a couple more small water crossings and eventually up a shallow draw following drainage. The trail gets steeper in sections but overall this is one of the easier peaks of the 46. You will gain the ridge at an obvious intersection with an “N” and an “S” carved into a tree, with arrows pointing the way.  Follow the “N” and descend ever so slightly to a low area before you climb to the summit of Nye. The climb is moderate with a couple small steeper steps to get you to the wooded summit. There is a slight view off from the trail just below the summit, the only view from this peak.

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