Knoblock Mountain

  • Route 9N

Hike Features


Knoblock Mountain is located south of Route 9n and Hurricane Mountain – between the towns of Keene and Elizabethtown. This is a trail-less summit with only remnants of herd-paths. Typically approached opposite of the Hurricane Mountain Trailhead it offers a variety of hiking/bushwhacking conditions ranging from open hardwoods to thick Spruce forest. Rocky outcrops make the approach near the summit very steep and challenging. The summit offers wide open views of the surrounding area, but it will have to be earned.

Leave the Hurricane Mountain trailhead parking area to the back and start working your way through the forest in a heading of south by southeast. The terrain starts to climb quite quickly but be sure you are not on Tripod Mountain which is a bit further to the west. As you gain elevation the forest will get very tight with red spruce and balsam growth making forward movement very slow. The top is crowned with rocky cliffs and unstable terrain, but very careful on the final approach. The summit is open rock and has outstanding views, especially that of Pitchoff Bluffs and Hurricane Mountain. Lake Champlain will be visible to the east. 

Elevation: 3192’

Ascent: 1500’

Distance Round Trip: 2.5 miles

Approximate Time Round Trip: 3 to 4 hours

Trailhead Location:
Start from the Hurricane Trailhead off Route 9N between Keene and Elizabethtown. The point is 3.5 miles from the intersection of Routes 73 and 9N between Keene and Keene Valley.

Hiker Recommendation:
Experienced hikers in navigation and off trail navigation. Not recommended for family or out-of-shape hikers

Special Gear Needed:
Map and Compass and/or GPS, long sleeve shirt and pants, eye protection (sunglasses work well or safety glasses), sturdy boots

Winter Travel: This is a rather tough bushwhack and should not be taken lightly. Winter travel would be very tough due to very low use and breaking trail would be required, extending the outing time significantly.