The Dam Trail

This destination lies off any developed and mapped trail system; the use and understanding of GPS and/or map and compass is highly recommended. When traveling off-trail you will experience hazards not realized on a trail, expect more difficult and varying conditions and always lean toward safety as a priority. 

Primary Trailhead: From the intersection of Route 73 and Route 86 in Lake Placid follow Route 86 toward Saranac Lake. Continue through Lake Placid and locate a gated woods road on the left roughly 0.25 miles before the major trailhead for McKenzie Mountain. 

At the gated road, you will start to hike its course. Follow here on an easy grade to the railroad tracks. Once at the railroad tracks follow them for a short distance to your left and locate a narrow herd path that leads up and over an embankment on the right. The herd path will turn into the woods and start a slow climb along the brook. In many spots it is quite wet but still easy to follow. Only on a couple occasions does it get to be a bit obscure. The herd path will bring you to a small dam on the brook, where the herd path ends. 

Elevation Change: 150’ gain

Round Trip Distances:

2.5 miles

Approximate Round Trip Time:

Family with Young Kids:     Not recommended

Experienced Hiker:         3.5 to 4 hours 

Inexperienced Hiker:     Not recommended

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