Cobble Hill

Cobble Hill is right off the shore of Mirror Lake, so close that it often draws the eye to the bald spot on its face. This is a great hike for everyone and with two options for ascent it has a spectacular loop hike opportunity. The summit offers excellent views out over the Village of Lake Placid as well as High Peaks Region.This is a 0.8 mile hike, one way, via the steeper route, or a 1.6 mile hike with easier grades. From the trailhead parking, step over the construction fence, go right for 20 yards to a sign for the trail going left into the woods. From here pay attention to the signs, as there are several intersections with private land. About 0.4 mile in you will come to the split with the long and short trails. 

Following the short trail you will start a steep climb over rough footing to a bare rock slab, which is very steep. A round-about trail skirts the rocks to the right if you prefer a bit less exposure. Above the slab you will climb to a second major intersection, this is where the long trail comes in, right is to the summit in a 100 yards.

The long trail starts 0.4 mile up the above trail. From here it is 1.2 miles hike, one way, over easy to moderate terrain to the summit. From the intersection, drop down along an old road and veer right back onto a foot trail. This will lead you to the shore of Echo Pond. The trail can be wet, but there are bypasses if needed. At the end of the pond the trail swings right and away from the pond, going right again at another intersection at about 0.1 mile from the lake. This starts a moderate climb along an old road to just below the summit, where it meets up with the short trail outlined above.

Trailhead: From the intersection of Route 73 and Route 86 in Lake Placid, follow Route 86 toward the center of town. Take a right at the town hall onto Mirror Lake Drive. Continue through the four-way stop and follow Mirror Lake Drive past Northwood Road to the entrance to Northwood School. There is a trailhead parking area 200 yards up this entrance road on the left.

One can also approach via Mount Whitney Road, which is on the right just beyond the Northwood School entrance. Parking is on Mirror Lake Drive. There is enough room for about six cars.

Elevation: 2,332 feet

Ascent: 1,500 feet

Distance: 2.2 miles

Distance: 0.8 mile to the summit.

Elevation: 2,332 feet

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