Don’t end your hike with a parking ticket

To avoid congestion and potentially dangerous situations, parking on the shoulder of Route 73 between Chapel Pond and the Rooster Comb trailhead is off limits. Parking on the shoulder of the road near the Cascade Mountain trailhead is also off limits. Shuttles are available. read more

Cascade Falls

  • Route 73

Hike Features


Cascade Falls is the site of the #7 slide on Cascade Mountain. For a great many years only a small scar marked the gully on Cascade Mountain until Hurricane Irene came through and opened up the slide track to look like a #7, whose tail proceeds all the way to Upper Cascade Lake.

This slide track makes for some excellent ice climbing and a challenging route to Cascade Mountain in summer. This slide should only be attempted by experienced climbers.

Primary Trailhead: Leave Lake Placid on Route 73, follow Route 73 toward Keene. Continue until you see Upper Cascade Lake on your right. Drive past Upper Cascade Lake and look for a parking area, down between Upper and Lower Cascade Lakes, park here.

This is a 0.3 mile, one way; hike is to the bottom of the falls. From the parking area locate the bridge over the connecting stream between Upper and Lower Cascade Lakes. Cross the bridge and the path is straight ahead into the woods. The path is unmarked but easy to follow. The path climbs slightly and slowly moves toward the slide track of the #7 slide on Cascade Mountain. The path fades slightly but you need to enter the slide path and follow here uphill.

The path is now in the course of the slide and moves through the rubble and boulders that were moved and unburied by Hurricane Irene. The path will bring you to the base of the waterfall. During the spring is the best time to explore the waterfall and see the best cascading action. It is not advised to try and reach the top of the slide. While faint herd-paths lead off into the woods and eventually bring you out to several viewing areas, it is way too dangerous and risky for the average hiker.

All hikers, makes and models: To the bottom of Cascade Falls – 15 to 20 minutes