Porter Mountain | Winter

  • Route 73

Porter is most often climbed with Cascade Mountain to get a twofer mountain day by adding very little added distance or effort. Please see the Cascade page for details on reaching the Porter Trail 0.7 miles from the summit. 

From the Cascade Mountain Trail you will have a fairly easy snowshoe over to the summit of Porter. The trail descends slightly into a shallow col before climbing only moderately over a false summit. There is a huge boulder in route; a faint path leads to the top on the left hand side. The final push to Porter is still moderate as you come to the rock top. There is around a 180 degree view with a great one of Cascade Mountain. 

The trail continues over the top and eventually come to the Keene Airport or the Garden Trailhead. You could opt for these routes but they don’t get the use and often times need to be broken out. 

The summit while partially sheltered can still get some heavy winds just be prepared for the wind-chill. 

Elevation: 4,059 feet

Distance: 2.8 miles