Owen Pond | Paddle

  • Route 86

This carry is a bit long, but not overly difficult. The initial section is part of a re-route that the DEC did a few years back to help create additional parking. The start is a tad narrow and windy, but short. Once on the old section of trail you will have a much wider tread before you making it much easier to proceed efficiently. With a slight climb to the trail you will notice it, but not find it overbearing. The best launch is along the northern shore past the outlet. Footing can be a bit tricky along the pond.

Size in length:

Roughly 0.25 miles from north shore to south shore

How to get there:

From the intersection of Route 73 and Route 86, follow Route 86 toward Wilmington. Continue for 5.2 miles to the Owen Pond Trailhead on the right.

Type of launch and Carry:

Semi-short carry of 0.5 miles. The nice thing about this half mile is it isn’t super demanding. But with that being said, I don’t recommend that you carry a heavy boat either. Lighter, smaller boats are recommended, but for two people to carry a canoe isn’t all that out of the ordinary either.

Type of water:

Very well sheltered with flat with mostly calm conditions, no motor boats allowed.