Northville-Placid Trail/Wanika Falls

Many sections of the 133-mile Northville-Lake Placid are suitable for cross-country skiing. This section features rolling terrain with some short steep climbs to a leanto and frozen waterfall reached via a side trail.

Northville-Placid Trail/Wanika Falls trailhead: This can be reached via the Averyville Road, 1.2 miles south of its intersection with Old Military Road, the terminus of the 133 mile trail. Parking is on the left just before Averyville Road crosses the Chubb River.

The backcountry trails that follow are not packed or groomed; they are, however, marked routes which can be explored using either skis or snowshoes. Most summer hiking trails can be negotiated using snowshoes during the winter. During the winter it is especially important to be prepared, with the gear and clothing you carry, for the possibility of spending an unexpected night out and for minor equipment repairs. Plan ahead, carry a map and compass, and be sure to let someone know where you are going and when you will return.

Snowshoes or skis are required on all trails in the High Peaks Wilderness Area when there is more than eight inches of snow on the ground.

Distance: 14 miles round trip, intermediate difficulty.

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