Copperas Pond

  • Route 86

This is a bit of a longer carry than most ponds, and much more rugged, but the reward is a quaint, quiet, and peaceful experience. The effort to reach this small back-country pond is worth every step. Not recommended for heavy boats due to the terrain. From Route 86 you will start climbing right away. The initial portion of the trail is rather steep with many rocks littering the trail. The steep portion will end at an intersection with Winch Pond. Head right toward Copperas Pond. This final section is rolling hills that quickly lead you to the shore of the pond. A lean-to rests on the shore down a small spur trail to the right. This pond is paddled very infrequently, so you will most likely have it to yourself. However it is a popular short hike and swim destination in the Adirondacks, so you might have visitors in that sense.

Size in length:

Roughly 0.3 miles from east shore to west shore

How to get there:

From the intersection of Route 73 and Route 86, follow Route 86 toward Wilmington. Continue for 6.3 miles to the Copperas Pond Trailhead on the right, parking is on the left.

Type of launch and Carry:

Semi-short carry of less than 0.7 miles. However, the carry is very steep and rocky, especially in the beginning. This is not a great carry for heavier, longer boats.

Type of water:

Very well sheltered with flat with mostly calm conditions, no motor boats allowed