Locals know: 4 spots to discover

1. The Keene Watering Holes

Whether you want to take a quick dip and relax on the sun-dappled rocks, or spend the afternoon picnicking with food you gathered at the local Farmers' Market, the river in Keene is where the action can be found! Insider's tip: while you can choose to pull over and jump in at various spots along the main road, Marcy Field is a good spot for visitors to test out the wares (or the waves as the case may be).

2 & 4-Legged Friends Welcome!

Another great aspect of taking a dip in the Park - we're pet-friendly! We know how important traveling with your four-legged pals can be. And heck, they deserve to relax and let loose just as much as you do. On your next Adirondack hike, find one of our awesome hidden lakes or trailside streams and plan to take some extra time for a game of catch. Insider's tip: Our lakes aren't the only pet-friendly places. Check out these great fur-friendly lodging resorts.

2. Chapel Pond

More than just a beautiful place to take a pic, you'll find swimmers, fishermen, hikers, and rock climbers taking advantage of this spectacular "secret pond." Ok, obviously located right off of Route 73, it's not quite a secret, but you should definitely take the time to pull over and enjoy the sight of random rock climbers scaling the Chapel Pond Slabs. Heck, you may even want to try it! Insider's tip: you can hire a licensed guide to teach you the ropes. (ha ha, the ropes...yeah, I did that.)

Year-round entertainment

While Chapel Pond is a popular summer spot, it's a great place to stop at any time of the year. One of the most pristine places to take fall foliage pictures, the reflection on the water can often be downright jaw-dropping. During the spring hikers abound. And the winter, well, the winter is for ice climbing. Serious, ice climbing. This spot is known to attract some of the most hardcore climbers out there. Insider's tip: If you haven't seen someone hugging a huge ice slab on the side of a mountain make sure you stop and watch. It's crazy cool. (Or just crazy. I still can't decide. But it's definitely worth checking out.)

3. Jay Mountain

It may not be quite as popular as its High Peaks neighbors, but we want to take a minute to give the proper props to Jay Mountain. This wilderness area can be found about 3 miles off of Route 9N and is well-worth the visit. A hike to the summit will be about 7 miles round-trip, and with a recently re-routed trail, the switchbacks allow for a more leisure, less steep climb. And yes, the pay off is just as amazing as one would think in this region! Insider's tip: make sure to check around for the rock art people that are often found on this path. We don't know who makes them, but thank you for adding to our fun!

Hiking for a view doesn't have to take all day!

I love hiking. But I don't always have all day, do you? Sometimes you just want to hit a trail, and get the payoff of a great view and a decent workout. If you want to try a half-day hike, Jay Mountain definitely gives you the bang you're looking for. Looking for something even shorter? Try Owl's Head. This is one of my favorite 1.5-2 hour treks (including generous break time for selfies) nestled in the heart of the High Peaks. Insider's tip: This is a favorite first hike for locals to introduce their kids to the trail. But, if your little guy is like mine (or at least as he was at age 3) it can be a slow "I do it myself" mosey to the top - bring patience. Hey, there's lots to look at - including a great place to break and watch rock climbers practicing their skills! 

4. The Cascades

Slow down! Yeah, you've passed the Cascade Lakes on the way to Lake Placid, but have you ever stopped? Why not!? Did you know, there's a put-in for paddling, picnic tables, swimming spot, an challenging waterfall hike, and more. This little secret beach is a locals favorite and a definite must-visit on your next trip. Insider's tip: if you've never taken a dip in a fresh mountain spring, this should be your first stop. The Cascades are cold, crisp, clear, and some of the cleanest water you could imagine!

Clear as glass

The Cascade Lakes are not just worth mentioning for their great summer activities. Skating on the lakes is a truly unique experience. I don't know the science behind the slick and amazingly smooth surface, but I do know this, those that have tried it rave about this natural outdoor rink. Of course, it's also always fun to spot the colorful jackets of the ice climbers looming over the surrounding cliffs. Don't have the outdoor equipment you need? No worries, our shops are ready to fix you up. Insider's tip: and be sure to look down when you're mid-lake. If the conditions are right, the illusion of skating on a bottomless pit prevail. At least, I think it's an illusion?

Oh, but that's just the beginning...

Ready to read more? Check out these Secret Local Tips and start planning your trip today! From green resorts to primitive camping, the secret's out - the Lake Placid Region is the place to stay during your next Adirondack Mountain vacation. See you soon!

The Secret's Out

The Cascade Lakes - one of the best kept secrets around. Take the steep driveway down between the lakes and you'll find the perfect picnic & paddle spot!

Here's the thing... I was never very good at keeping secrets. If I love something, I want everyone to know about it. I want to share the knowledge. And, while my blog today doesn't exactly give away anything that is top-secret, it does highlight 4 places that are often overlooked. So, the next time you get off exit 30 on the Northway and start the trip up scenic Route 73 toward the Lake Placid Region, keep your eyes peeled for these "secret" spots. Heck, maybe you'll even take my advice and keep the camera handy. If you do, be sure to snap some pics and post them on social - so I can say, I told you so!

Owl's Head - a great, quick hike with an outstanding view!

Have questions? Go ahead, throw them at us, we're ready to answer! Heck, you may even make it into one of our Top 10 Funny FAQ blogs.

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great spot!

Jay Covered Bridge! :)

"Secret Spots"

So it's a really great idea to broadcast your "secret spots" to the universe, thereby insuring that they will no longer be secret. Good idea.

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