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So, what is a wedding? In its simplest form it is a marriage ceremony and the party or special meal that often takes place after the ceremony. It is a special day for the engaged couple to share with each other, their family, and friends. What makes this ceremony so special? Obviously the love and commitment of the couple starting their new life together. But what else can make it especially perfect? Location, Location, Location. It can be as simple as marriage vows spoken to each other by a calm lake with a couple of witnesses and the local... continue reading
Relax, You're in Lake Placid NYAwaken Your SensesTaking a mindful approach to exploring Lake Placid and the High Peaks Region means getting out of our fast pace habits - there is so much to see and do in our area visitors can sometimes feel overwhelmed.  Finding balance is an easy thing to do while visiting Lake Placid, and to each of us the definition of balance is different. Your peace may include a quiet cabin on the lake, majestic mountains in the background and glass of wine by the fire. It may also mean speeding down the Olympic track in a bobsled, or skiing The Slides at Whiteface. The... continue reading

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