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This year I'm planning a girls getaway ski trip to Lake Placid. Yes, I live here. So, why am I planning what will essentially turn into a staycation for me? It's because I think this is a destination that has a little something for all of my girlfriends to enjoy. And hey, it's the perfect excuse to indulge and show my friends why I love living here! Usually there is a bit of a give and take from the more serious skiers and riders to the more casual snow bunnies and beginners, leaving the group, well, separated. Together yet apart. This year I am suggesting Lake Placid for a number of reasons... continue reading
Simply Camping Nowadays with all the extra travel fees, weight limitations, etc., travel articles advise travelers how to pack lighter and provide tips on what to, and what not to, bring. The last travel tip article I read online advised that unless you are packing skis, snowboard equipment or golf clubs that you should leave the gear at home & rent while your there. This advice aptly fits into the research for the blog I’m currently working on - camping during your stay in Lake Placid, and more specifically, the notion of "no gear - no problem." A planned or impromptu Lake Placid... continue reading
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Shhh... Don't Tell Anyone  Except for maybe all your friends - you will want to bring them! Now is a great time to plan a Lake Placid getaway. It’s still a few weeks before the summer season officially begins, but spring has sprung and people are out boating, hiking, biking, and riding motorcycles, there are so many things to do here. If you’re a music fan, kicking off Lake Placid’s summer season is the Blues & Heritage Music Festival, June 19-21. This may be the first time you’ve heard of this festival, but don’t let that be a deterrent as this is only the 2nd year of this... continue reading
Not so placid When I was a kid my family and I would vacation with another family we were very close with. I have the greatest memories as we would try to get ahold of anything and everything that would float and that we could use to spend a great day on and at the water. From strapping giant inflatable tubes to the trunk of the car, inflatable rafts, boogie boards, and even a few summers where the beach would rent giant tubes we could actually fit in the middle of and roll down the hill and into the water in. We then added to the circus with a large styrofoam (yes, styrofoam) sailboat my... continue reading
Stay Green, Play Green Eco-Friendly Lodging Take a tour of the "Green" award winning Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort, 2015 Good Earthkeeping Award Winner for both New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association (NYSH&TA) (in 2015 & 2009) and in the small property category by the American Hotel & Lodging Assn. (AH&LA) (announced April 2015).View the slideshow above to see all they've done to grow green.  Farm to Fork In Lake Placid you will find a number of restaurants work directly with local farms. A local favorite is Liquids and Solids where you will find that almost... continue reading
Of all the things to do in Lake Placid, one of the most noteworthy would have to be the bobsled ride. There are only two tracks like this in the US, and only four in North America, all of which have the special distinction of being a past Olympic host and winter Olympic village. That said, I realize how very fortunate it is to have this small town in the Northeast that has a venue like this where Olympians and World Cup athletes have a place to train and compete and a complex that offers this very unique opportunity to guests and visitors. And, all in a beautiful alpine setting in the heart... continue reading
As my Friday was coming to an end, Chris’s was just beginning Today I worked my 9-5, followed by a quick cross-country ski with the dogs as it was getting dark, and then met my girlfriends for a quick bite at Lisa G’s. Home. Not bad for a Friday. With a fire in the fireplace I laid down on the couch and was content with the idea of enjoying a movie and a decent bedtime. But I had plans, and not your typical Friday night plans… although I live in Lake Placid and didn’t exactly have that typical day at work either. I call it Neverland, where the boys rarely grow up and the locals are... continue reading
Sometimes you just have to treat yourself The end to a perfectly naughty day  I’m sitting poolside at the Whiteface Resort writing this blog and feeling like a million bucks. However, my day did not start out that way, I had to make a few un-ordinary choices along the way to turn it around. Yesterday I found out that my husband and his athlete, Shiva, were unable to secure a driver to the Montreal Airport and I would need to take them at 4 am - on a Monday morning. I quickly came to the determination that: 1) there was no way I would be able to be on time for... continue reading
When in Rome, you know, do as the Romans do When I visit new places and travel, part of the time I like to play tourist, while part of me is interested with what the locals do and where they go. Writing on where the locals go when they eat out in Lake Placid, I realized I could write from several different angles. Why do we choose the places that we do? Some places are known for a signature night of the week where the locals meet; some folks choose based on ambience; other reasons that rank high include the range of specialty drinks and beer selection, to perhaps great appetizers,... continue reading
Intro to Skiing and Snowboarding 101 Learning to ski or snowboard can have many paths. As a longtime skier, snowboarder, and past instructor, I’ve seen how vast the experiences from one person to another can be. While you could say there is no wrong way, there are definitely ways to make the experience easier, and more affordable. Ski Lessons for Children My parents skied in college and so when I was young they enrolled me in lessons during our family ski vacations. While I was too young to fully remember the learning experience, I do remember much of my... continue reading


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