Whitewater Rafting

There is something awe-inspiring when introducing children to nature. We all look at the small details and take time to explore. Though my kids like to be outside, they are also are drawn to the numerous water parks and arcades available around the Adirondacks. Fortunately the Adirondacks provides the perfect mixture of both. We can go to Ausable Chasm for that "back to nature" feeling with a bit of an adventure park spirit thrown in for good measure.I have wanted to go whitewater rafting but wanted a safe enough environment that would allow a four-year-old to come along. Since most rafting... continue reading
Lake Placid resident and licensed Adirondack whitewater rafting guide, Wayne Failing, talks about his life in and love of Lake Placid and the Adirondacks in the first of our video series, BE Lake Placid. He says the only thing we don't have in Lake Placid is salt water with a beach! View the video to see what makes Lake Placid so special to Wayne. For thrilling Spring adventure in the Adirondacks, nothing beats a whitewater rafting trip. Yes, the water's cold and, yes, the river runs fast! That's what makes it an adventure! Wet suits are provided by the Adirondack rafting companies and the... continue reading
There I was, staring straight into the eye of the 8 foot wave, its powerful mass about to break over the bow of our comparatively small inflated raft. I remembered what our guide had said earlier when he spied another group in an even smaller raft than ours: "We're gonna need a bigger boat for where we're going."It was then that I heard his voice again. "All ahead- HARD!" and I turned my head briefly to see our experienced licensed guide, Wayne Failing, riding high above my head at the stern of the boat, tie-dye-colored paddle over his head. "Back LEFT" he yelled, as I returned to paddling... continue reading

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