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Convincing my husband to go out to eat is a feat usually worthy of some kind of award on my part. He is perfectly content to be at home most of the time. One of the very few exceptions is Lisa G's. He's always willing to join me on a date when I suggest it (he even suggests it once in awhile!). Lisa G's is Lisa G's because no one can pronounce or spell the owner, Lisa's, Greek last name. We do know, however, it starts with 'G'!Our favorite night to visit Lisa G's is for Monday wing night. Fifty cent wings at the bar can't be beat! The selections include wings tossed in your choice of... continue reading
I'm a reluctant shopper.My reluctance is likely due to my perception that I spent my entire childhood chasing my mother around malls and boutiques. (She's decidedly NOT a reluctant shopper.) I guess I figure I've had enough of it.There's one exception. Growing up in nearby Westport on Lake Champlain, my family and I always make the short trek to Lake Placid to shop during the holidays. There's something about walking down the quaint Main Street and poking around the variety of shops that trips a wire of seasonal cheer for me.This year, my shopping was jump-started by a visitor inquiry. We... continue reading
"I love this part," the kid behind me said. The lights came up and two girls and a small boy appeared on stage and began the Russian dance portion in The Land of Sweets. It was a fast-paced crowd pleaser, ending with the boy executing a breakdancing move to great applause, after which they all gracefully traipsed off the stage.It was the first time time I had seen "this part", but it wasn't surprising that the kid behind me had seen it before, as the "Nutcracker" at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts this weekend represented the 25th Anniversary of the holiday performance.It was a... continue reading
By Diane ChaseEvery time we have new visitors to town one thing they usually ask for is an Olympic tour. Sometimes we need to streamline our activities. We feel that the first stop for families of all ages is the Olympic Ski Jumping Complex in Lake Placid.  This year the Lake Placid's Olympic Ski Jump chair lift is scheduled to open December 20th, just in time for Christmas. Currently the Observation Deck and Elevator are open and the price is right. This facility is also handicapped accessible. My father-in-law is confined to a wheelchair but will be able to ride a chairlift once more. He... continue reading
I recently received a call from a writer for a big New York metropolitan area newspaper who was researching information about destinations for frugal travelers. He asked me if it was possible for a car-free person from New York City to come to the Adirondacks for a bargain-priced ski trip. (And his deadline was the next day, of course.) I told him that yes, it was indeed possible. Although the Adirondack region is largely a drive-to destination, AMTRAK does have a train out of Penn Station in New York to Westport on Lake Champlain, with an option to buy the ticket with a built-in... continue reading
My daughter is convinced I grew up in "the olden days." If so, I am afraid to ask what prehistoric era her grandparents enjoyed. She is confused during a family movie night when an actor plays an album on the turntable. To her a record player is a DJ's scratch pad. She hears all about keeping things simple and I now realize I have set myself into that cliché. She believes I grew up in it, that simpler time in her mind, where people sang for no reason at all and danced to the orchestra in their head.I want that simpler time with Adirondack carolers, hot chocolate and exchanging friendly... continue reading
Sure, there are no leaves - not green, foliage red, orange or yellow. But November and early December often provide a great backdrop for adventure in the Adirondacks. The air is typically crisp and cool, there's no chance of insects, and if there is not yet much snow, one might just find perfect conditions for backcountry skating among the evergreens.Hoping for just those conditions, my husband and I headed off on a short hike last weekend with our skates in hand. Our destination? One of the not-so-secret early season local pond hockey rinks- the Washbowl on the trail to Giant Mountain.Giant... continue reading
It has been a few years since we visited the final resting spot for militant abolitionist John Brown. The John Brown Farm and Gravesite in Lake Placid encompasses the original 244 acres purchased by the Browns in 1849. Brown moved to the Adirondacks to assist freed African-Americans farm land given to them by Gerrit Smith, a wealthy abolitionist from the Utica area.Brown's history and involvement in the abolitionist movement is vast. After Brown was executed in 1859 for treason for the raid at Harper's Ferry, his name soon became synonymous with the anti-slavery movement.The house and... continue reading
As the Warren Miller Productions website advertises, Miller's annual films "mark the official start of winter for sports enthusiasts everywhere. Warren Miller premieres are an experience, a party and a phenomenon not to be missed". LPCA came through with the party all right. Having not seen a Warren Miller film in quite a few years, I was anxious to see this year's edition from the famous ski film-maker at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts this past Saturday evening. Warren Miller, now 86, is an iconic figure in ski film making, famous for producing films featuring humorous narrative,... continue reading
My son's class had a field trip to the Adirondack Loj's Heart Lake area to climb Mt Jo. He has been eager to share his newly found information with the rest of the family so with handmade guidebook in hand, he will lead us on this 2.3-mile round trip journey. We arrive late in the afternoon and with no parking attendant onsite we scour the car for the $1.50 parking charge. (Parking is $10/dayfor nonmembers, $5/day for members and $1.50 for entry after 1:00 p.m.) We are held to the honor system. I first park at the upper lot only to have my son inform me that he can get us so much... continue reading


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