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One of the greatest things about my job is that I have the privilege of meeting many of the amazing people behind the businesses and organizations that drive our tourism economy. I'm also sometimes treated to special behind-the-scenes perspectives and tours, especially when I've got travel media or dignitaries in tow. This week, I had the honor of hosting one such dignitary; the Greenest New Yorker, Kaity Tsui, as she explored our part of the Adirondacks. In recognition of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day in April 2010, I Love New York introduced the "... continue reading
By Diane ChaseThere is something purely Adirondack about skating on a frozen pond. Being surrounded by the High Peaks while skating makes me feel like I'm in a Currier and Ives print. I am always a bit nervous to do anything on any frozen lake until I see a car drive on it. I figure if the ice can withstand the weight of a car, the few extra pounds I'm carrying around since Christmas won't make a difference.When asked, the Lake Placid Police Department takes the stance that "no ice is safe ice" but does use the opening of the North Elba Park District Toboggan Chute as their rule of thumb. If... continue reading
The Lake Placid Olympic Jumping Complex has constructed a tubing hill along the drive to the Olympic ski lift leading to the K-120 jump. If we need an excuse for having fun we can tell everyone that every tubing ticket bought goes to support USA Ski Jumping. We don't need the excuse but it is certainly an added bonus. There is something freeing about sliding down the ice.The 1,000 foot long ice slide directs the tube to the lower level and we make a smooth stop with the ski jumps looming overhead. It's night time so there is also an element of the unknown. An attendant is there to load the... continue reading
With two feet of snow at Whiteface Mountain, there has to be a good reason to keep my family indoors. While visiting the Adirondacks, the Lake Placid Center for the Arts lures us off the slopes and nurtures the creative side of our brain. Since we all need balance we find it there with its many winter offerings.Founded in 1972, the Lake Placid Center for the Arts (LPCA) brings the arts: visual, performing and musical, to the area with a wide array of talent ranging from YoYo Ma to Alvin Ailey II. The LPCA also guides the next generation of artist by providing a range a family-friendly events... continue reading
It wasn't so long ago that my children would not venture onto amusement rides alone. Now I am left on the merry-go-round watching while the two of them twist and turn on roller coasters with names like Hurricane and Avalanche. Somehow they convince me that going down the Lake Placid Toboggan Chute will not be the same thing. Since I am not the brave one in the family, my daughter lets me know she'll hold me on the way down the Lake Placid Toboggan Chute. My seven-year-old is now comforting me. It isn't a long wait to climb up the 30' high converted ski jump trestle. It is awkward in the... continue reading
Since Lake Placid has generously hosted the Winter Olympics twice, it is no hardship for anyone entering the Adirondack Park to get on their Olympic Spirit. Biathlon is not something I would have ever thought I would wholeheartedly embrace. After attending a paintball biathlon for children, my tune has changed.Unlike traditional Biathlon, children do not ski with paintball guns and an adult assists with each target station. During the 1st Adirondack Paintball Biathlon Series held at the Mt. Van Hoevenberg Biathlon Range, the young racers were set into three age brackets: 7-9, 10-12 and 13+.... continue reading
While Whiteface Mountain revels in the new fallen snow, we take a break to get in touch with our winter spirit by visiting the 1932 &1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympic Museum.The first "person" we see as we walk in the 1932 & 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympic Museum door is a life-size cutout of one of Lake Placid's most recent Olympic heroes, Andrew Weibrecht*, son to Mirror Lake Inn Resort Spa owners, Lisa and Ed Weibrecht. This local now stands along with other Adirondack Olympians such as two time gold medalist Jack Shea. There is a small but growing display from the Vancouver 2010... continue reading
This 2011, my family is getting set to blend our old New Year's traditions with new ones. My daughter resolves to do less pouting in the New Year while my son hopes to decrease the frequency in which he teases his sister. He words this with so many loopholes that he tests my own New Year's Resolution, patience.Each country seems to hold strongly to its own traditions around New Year's. I always think I will once again have a lucky year with the first taste of black-eyed peas. My recipe doesn't taste the same as it did when cooked by Mrs. Wilkins.Perhaps a relaxing dinner in Lake Placid is... continue reading
Convincing my husband to go out to eat is a feat usually worthy of some kind of award on my part. He is perfectly content to be at home most of the time. One of the very few exceptions is Lisa G's. He's always willing to join me on a date when I suggest it (he even suggests it once in awhile!). Lisa G's is Lisa G's because no one can pronounce or spell the owner, Lisa's, Greek last name. We do know, however, it starts with 'G'!Our favorite night to visit Lisa G's is for Monday wing night. Fifty cent wings at the bar can't be beat! The selections include wings tossed in your choice of... continue reading
I'm a reluctant shopper.My reluctance is likely due to my perception that I spent my entire childhood chasing my mother around malls and boutiques. (She's decidedly NOT a reluctant shopper.) I guess I figure I've had enough of it.There's one exception. Growing up in nearby Westport on Lake Champlain, my family and I always make the short trek to Lake Placid to shop during the holidays. There's something about walking down the quaint Main Street and poking around the variety of shops that trips a wire of seasonal cheer for me.This year, my shopping was jump-started by a visitor inquiry. We... continue reading


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