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AUTHOR'S NOTE 9/21/16: On my daily commute to Lake Placid, I often spy rock climbers on some of the popular roadside crags along the route. During a recent drive on Route 73 to Keene Valley, I saw some folks on the Spider’s Web, and it reminded me of this blog I wrote a few years ago about climbing on that very cliff.  The rock climbing memory cited in this blog is cemented in my brain, and so is the fact that it was rock climbing that cemented our decision to live in the Adirondacks forever. Guess you’ll have to read it to find out why!  (The following blog was... continue reading
The Secret's Out Here's the thing... I was never very good at keeping secrets. If I love something, I want everyone to know about it. I want to share the knowledge. And, while my blog today doesn't exactly give away anything that is top-secret, it does highlight 4 places that are often overlooked. So, the next time you get off exit 30 on the Northway and start the trip up scenic Route 73 toward the Lake Placid Region, keep your eyes peeled for these "secret" spots. Heck, maybe you'll even take my advice and keep the camera handy. If you do, be sure to snap some pics and post them on social... continue reading
If you're a winter outdoor recreationist you're in for a great January in Lake Placid! We've got some awesome events spread out through the month, all but one taking place outdoors.  Extreme outdoor films will blow you away The one event exception that's not taking place in an outdoor venue is the Banff Mountain Film Festival, which is ABOUT the great outdoors, but obviously takes place in a theater. The Lake Placid Center for the Arts plays host to the annual festival celebrating the extremists of outdoor sports around the world. After viewing the clips on the BMFF... continue reading
2014 caught on film... Lake Placid, NY in the heart of the Adirondacks is the perfect place to invent your own perfect day. Of course, that perfect day is different for everyone - luckily our options are outstanding and the setting is spectacular. Join us as we take a look back through some of our most memorable 2014 events and activities as caught on camera. What would make up your perfect day? Hiking or biking in the High Peaks? Relaxing at one of our high-end spas or resorts? Taking a family boat ride or building a sandcastle with the kids? Oh, the choices... 2015 is just waiting for you... continue reading
After several postponed trips for the Lake Placid 8th Grade class we were finally on our way to do a team building trip on Owl’s Head. This is an annual event for High Peaks Mountain Guides and the Lake Placid Central School District, which always ends up being an interesting and fun day. Cooler weather in the morning delayed the start of the day but it was worth the wait, soon the sun warmed up the area and the temperatures were much friendlier. While a small group went kayaking, another tried stand-up paddle boarding, a third was rock climbing and a fourth tore up the trails mountain biking... continue reading
The clouds were low and hopes were high as we set off for the summit of Whiteface Mountain. However, on this day we decided to try something a bit different, we would summit using the slides at the ski area. We spotted a second car at the Atmospheric Science Research Center in Wilmington and returned to the ski area to approach our climb.Our first thought was to hike the Stag Brook Falls Trail but opted to use the ski trails as much as we could. We got a few odd looks as we passed by the many hanging around the lodge area, some of which were planning a day on slopes with their mountain bike,... continue reading
The High Peaks Region is becoming quite well known for their slides and the use of those slides to access the summit of many of the High Peaks. Is this good? Is this bad? It all depends on who you ask and the types of unnecessary risks that one takes while in pursuit.Before Hurricane Irene in 2011, hikers used slides on a regular basis to access the High Peaks. Then after Irene dumped 7.5 inches of rain, a couple dozen more slides were created and many of the existing was made bigger. Since this, slide climbing has become more popular and attracting more newcomers to the sport. I can raise my... continue reading

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