Submitted by guest blogger Sarah Wheeler Planning a conference can be a huge undertaking. They provide opportunities for professional and academic development, as well as networking and social interactions between colleagues and business partners. When hosting a meeting in any venue or destination, you need to first consider the kind of experience you want to create for your attendees. Where you hold your meeting can say a lot about the event itself, and that's where the Lake Placid Conference Center and Visitors Bureau comes in! Why Lake Placid? Host of two Winter Olympic Games, a long... continue reading
It’s finally fall, and what a perfect time of year to tie the knot! I’ve been obsessed with weddings for quite some time now. I’ve watched every wedding chick flick that you can think of. After watching The Wedding Planner, who doesn’t want to be J.Lo living in the city, planning everyone's dream day? I even went to college in hopes of becoming a wedding planner and did an internship at a local resort as the assistant to the wedding planner there. So, with 7 billion people in this world, I think there’s something to be said about finding one other person you’re willing to share... continue reading
From Our View Point I have noticed something very interesting about attendees who come to Lake Placid for their conference: they are different when they leave! As a matter of practice, the CVB sales staff stands in the foyer of the Conference Center during registration to welcome conference staff, attendees, and exhibitors to Lake Placid. Upon arrival, there are signs, on those entering, of the stress they’ve endured while wrapping things up before leaving work for a couple of days, traveling to the destination, and the general uneasiness associated with a new place. By... continue reading
Eco-friendly, sustainable practices everyday - it's the Lake Placid way The Conference Center at Lake Placid embraces Earth Day, everyday, with our sustainable building and daily practices. These practices, along with the natural beauty of Lake Placid and the Adirondack Park, create a unique experience for attendees and meeting planners alike. Instead of the exhausted feeling many of us leave with after days of conferencing, we send our attendees home feeling refreshed! The natural light in the Conference Center, relaxing break areas with breathtaking views of the Adirondack High... continue reading
Stay Green, Play Green Eco-Friendly Lodging Take a tour of the "Green" award winning Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort, 2015 Good Earthkeeping Award Winner for both New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association (NYSH&TA) (in 2015 & 2009) and in the small property category by the American Hotel & Lodging Assn. (AH&LA) (announced April 2015).View the slideshow above to see all they've done to grow green.  Farm to Fork In Lake Placid you will find a number of restaurants work directly with local farms. A local favorite is Liquids and Solids where you will find that almost... continue reading
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Location The Conference Center is located in the the Village of Lake Placid. After a day of conferencing our attendees can walk right on onto Main Street and stroll the many restaurants and shops. In addition, Main Street is right on the water’s edge of Mirror Lake. Mirror Lake offers a variety of boating, swimming and other water activities.  New Green Building Features The Conference Center opened in May of 2011. The Conference Center is a green building. The majority of old structure was recycled as it was removed, and the majority of the new material that... continue reading
Bride Testimonial  Most people, especially women dream of their wedding day their whole life. When I was planning my 2012 nuptials all I knew was that I wanted my wedding to be in beautiful Lake Placid, NY.  As soon as I walked into the newly finished Conference Center at Lake Placid I knew this is where I wanted my reception to take place. The venue offered breathtaking views of the ski jumps, Adirondack High Peaks, private balconies, & huge windows were exactly what I wanted. My guests would get to enjoy the same attributes that attracted me to Lake Placid in the... continue reading
As the Marketing and sales Director at the Conference Center at Lake Placid I have been spending many hours considering how can we insure the meeting planner that the participation at the Lake Placid conference will be high. In this process, I have been contemplating what I look for in a conference.Here is what I look for in a conference:I want a conference that I will gain knowledge that I did not have prior to attending.A good grasp on how I can use this information in my day-to-day work.I want to have established new relationships with people I can continue to network with and reach out to... continue reading

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