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Copy and paste Let’s face it- having twins or multiples is NOTHING like having children a year or two apart regardless of what your friends or family say. No one will believe you when you tell them this, except for other parents of multiples; thus we have a bond. You may not know me personally nor I you, but we are still in this together. My twins are 2.5, which is the equivalent of 5 in Gremlin years, I think. This is an age of fearlessness, exploration, wonder and no good sense. With two, follow the leader is a popular game, and the leader being of the same mindset... continue reading
First Day on the SlopesTeaching toddlers to ski- A rite of passageMy husband and I are avid, or maybe the word is addictive skiers, and have been most of our lives. We began with our families when we were young and as we grew older skiing became a getaway with friends, couples days and our way to unwind. It's important to us our kids take part in downhill and for us, the sport has evolved as our family grows. Our oldest child who is now a teenager was an easy learn on the hill. We gracefully traded off ski lessons and took our time teaching him not only to ski, but to be a skier. In between... continue reading

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