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I'm not saying call in sick when you aren't sick. I am saying that taking time off on work days has pleasant surprises. From less stress to saving money, consider the midweek advantages. Leisurely mornings A midweek visit to Lake Placid feels like having the place to yourself. Embrace that feeling first thing in the morning! Get coffee to go and head to Mid's Park, located in the middle of downtown. It's the perfect vantage point for watching the morning light spread over the High Peaks. After the sunrise show, a short walk will bring you to a variety of cafes and... continue reading
Going to a pumpkin patch and corn maze is a different way to celebrate autumn. There is no age limit on that particular type of fun. On Pellerin Road in Plattsburgh, Country Dreams Farm has a corn maze with twists and turns around the various trails with signs misleading participants along the way. The horse and wagon ride is free to the corn maze or pumpkin patch. You can even just go along for the ride if you wish. Besides the corn maze there is a children's area with a corn kernel box (rather like a sandbox) and petting zoo with draft horses, miniature donkeys, goats... continue reading
The change of seasons brings a change of activities for our active family. With school starting and the normal rush of afterschool activities, we sometimes need to take a moment to ground ourselves. With autumn comes the traditional festival season. Being part of all those festivals is a great way to bring the focus more on the positive aspects of the seasonal change and less on the amount of schoolwork. We are not farmers so we like to instill the importance of the harvest to our children. Whiteface Mountain celebrates each year with Oktoberfest September 29-30. This traditional... continue reading

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