Combining turkey hunting and trout fishing is a May ritual for many hunting anglers, or angling hunters ready to seize every opportunity offered by the month when gobblers are strutting and trout are rising.I've never been able to pull off that daily double – turkey hunting in the morning and trout fishing in the afternoon or evening – because I've always looked at turkey hunting as a round-the-clock sort of thing. Hunting, planning the next day's hunt, scouting, roosting birds, strategizing and then starting all over again the next morning, which is actually the middle of the night for most... continue reading
It's time to get your kayaks out!!! The waters open and the waters crisp. Spring had definitely been in the air and you can smell the flowers blooming and the pine needles drying. It was a perfect opportunity to dust off the kayaks, put on a healthy layer of sunscreen and resize the PFD after a long winter.The air might have been warm but the water, I tell you, is still quite cold. But I guess that's nothing a bit of neoprene can't overcome. Lower Cascade Lake was just the perfect spot to break into spring without the worry of being too far from shore is something were to happen in the cold... continue reading
 With the trout season opener behind us and the fishing starting to heat up, here comes New York state and Essex County giving us something to catch.The stocking of trout has started, with state and county employees – enthusiastically helped by local volunteers – putting tens of thousands of brown, brook and rainbow trout in the county's ponds, lakes, rivers and streams.Essex County's fish hatchery has raised close to 45,000 fish that crews will be distributing to over 70 spots this spring in each of the county's 18 towns. Year-old brook and brown trout will join 2- and 3-year-old rainbows... continue reading
Event happenings in and around Lake Placid are beginning to take on a decidedly more outdoor theme as we rapidly approach May. Daffest in nearby Saranac Lake begins April 26. Many events will comprise Daffest this year, spanning almost 10 days. The Daffest Derby, on Saturday the 27th, is one of the highlights and this year will be no exception. The 27th will also feature a pie eating contest, bake sale, wine tasting and much more. Check out the full schedule and don't miss this year's events.  This coming week throughout all the regions there are many cultural events as... continue reading
When a bunch of people well versed in the outdoors come to town, you know it's worth the trip. And although you can't follow the members of the Outdoor Writers Association of America around when they are here, you can visit some of the same places and get a great taste of what the area has to offer. The group will spend a September weekend here for its 86th fall conference this year and they've chosen the Adirondack region for its diverse outdoor offerings. And it's nothing you couldn't do on your own. Not that we want to wish the summer away;... continue reading
For fly fishers, these films are considered X-rated.Big fish. In remote destinations and exotic locations. On the fly. With the camera rolling.Fly fishermen – and women – simply call it "fish porn." And when it's mid-March and winter still has a firm grip on your favorite waters, there's only one thing better than doing it.Watching it being done.That's why the Fly Fishing Film Tour – F3T for short – is coming back by popular demand to the Lake Placid Center for the Arts again this year, set for March 23 at 7 p.m.It's a time for fly fishers to gather, talk excitedly about the upcoming season,... continue reading
March is upon us and with it come some of the most fun events of the winter season. The air is warmer, the snow softer and being outdoors is a lot more fun with less required layers of clothing!  An exciting and relatively new event in Keene Valley this weekend (March 2 and 3) is the Adirondack Backcounry Ski Fest. This year's festival celebrates nearly four decades of backcountry skiing in the Adirondacks and the greater ranges of the Northeast, and will showcase local legends Dave Hough, Ron Konowitz (aka "Ron Kon"), Chuck Boyd and Drew Haas as they share their unique skiing experiences... continue reading
I've always been the kind of guy who needed to be dragged, usually kicking and screaming, toward any technological advances, whether at work or play. Even today, I'm not really happy I can't type on an Underwood. And those lead type days weren't so bad, were they. Maybe I've inhaled too many darkroom chemicals over the years.The same holds true for my recreational pursuits. A persimmon driver stayed in my golf bag for, I admit now, far too long. I toted those Grumman canoes – yeah, those aluminum models – through the backcountry until near paralysis convinced me that Kevlar is the way to go.... continue reading
As I write, the temperature is a balmy 39 degrees as we head firmly into mid-January.But there is hope, if you're an ice fisherman.Many waters have already offered safe, albeit iffy in some spots, ice conditions. And the brief warmup is expected to be followed by a serious cold snap, one without the snow that can hinder ice formation and create sloppy ice conditions even when there's plenty of thickness.So it looks like, unlike last winter, we're going to have a real ice fishing season – the kind that stretches well into March and offers plenty of opportunities to hit the hard water, often in... continue reading
I've always held a special attraction to Connery Pond, a scenic little water just outside Lake Placid, because it held splake, that brook trout-lake trout hybrid that seems especially cooperative during the ice-fishing season.I fell in love with Connery shortly after we moved up here more than 15 years ago. Back when we had "real" winters, Connery ice over in early December (honest) and I dragged a sled through about a foot of snow up the half-mile road into the pond rather than chance getting the truck stuck along the way.This was back before I went soft and purchased a portable shelter and... continue reading


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