When I was a kid all I wanted to do on vacation was swim. It didn't matter what the hotel was like, it mattered what the pool was like. The other stuff was just details that mattered to my parents, but not to my siblings and me. Vacation meant swimming. Swimming until our skin was wrinkly and we were so exhausted we would fall asleep wrapped up in a towel by the water. Whatever vacation means to your family, whether it's hiking, biking, shopping, or swimming, Lake Placid has what you are looking for — beautiful resorts to go along with gorgeous swimming spots. Dive right into summer in Lake... continue reading
Lake Placid is the perfect place to get close to the mountains, so you might be surprised to learn there aren’t any ice fishing opportunities in the lake-side village. I reached out to the regional state Department of Environmental Conservation office, and learned there’s a good reason for that. It turns out, a lot of the potential ice fishing waters in the Lake Placid area are considered brook trout waters, and brook trout — which are the state fish of New York — are very susceptible to ice fishing and can easily be over fished.  But before you cancel your ice fishing trip to Lake... continue reading
Hi there! My name is Nibbler. I'm psyched because today, I get to invent my own purrrrrrfect day in Lake Placid, one of my favorite places on earth!  1. The lake  I'm starting my day with a morning paddle, and there's plenty of places to do it in and around Lake Placid! There's nothing like getting on the lake to forget your troubles and find your zen. And while I'm at it, I'm going to catch a fish or two to munch on. 2. MTB Next I'll head to the trails to shred some singletrack. I'm just going to take a little break under... continue reading
Submitted by guest blogger Sarah Wheeler. I was fortunate enough to spend summers on a lake while growing up, and I can remember the times my father would take me fishing. I understand now that it was his attempt at bonding with his daughter, who was more into reading on a dock, not fishing off of one. But I would give it a try every once in awhile as long as it was sunny and 75 degrees.    Fishing was not an activity I got up in the morning excited to do. I found it boring at times (and just plain gross). I could do without the Styrofoam bowl full of dirt and worms, and... continue reading
Spring and early summer in the High Peaks Region is packed with events, some on a grand scale.   Blossoming with arts The Lake Placid Center for the Arts has the cultural scene filled with a wide variety of entertaining events. You'll want to see them all, from the ever-popular "The Met: Live in HD" series to any of the live entertainment offerings on this season's packed schedule. For instance on Wednesday, May 4 the LPCA theater goes to the dogs when Olate Dogs of America's Got Talent fame takes the stage. These fluffy fur balls will dazzle you with their amazing... continue reading
Lake Placid, adirondacks, usa — The spring “turnover” of Mirror Lake and concerns about water salinity levels was the topic of a special meeting of community and municipals leaders from the Village of Lake Placid and Town of North Elba on March 30 in Lake Placid. Testing and sampling of Mirror Lake over the winter have indicated a rising level of salinity due primarily to road salt used by road maintenance crews to melt snow and ice on the western side of the lake, along Main Street. The recreational epicenter of the popular year-round vacation community,... continue reading
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From arts to action sports, Spring is filled with events to keep everyone happy this year. Adult puppet entertainment! In the arts realm, Lake Placid Center for the Arts brings to the stage a nice schedule of entertainment, including a touring production of the Broadway smash hit, 'Avenue Q' on June 6 and 7. With its irreverent and decidedly gown-up humor, the show's stars, felt puppets, portray a recent college graduate and his new neighbors who all live on Avenue Q. Hysterically funny and  fast-paced, the key words are fun, fun and fun! (Warning - this show is most... continue reading
When you get right down to it, it's a rarity to catch a hatch – Green Drakes, Hendricksons, Tricos – at the perfect time. We try, but typically things don't quite play out and we're not on the right stretch of river at the right time. So those epic nights on the stream when every fish, even the biggest ones, are feeding on the surface are only in our dreams. We have some good nights, but just when we're feeling pretty good about it we get a phone call from a buddy, maybe even a fly fisher from another state, who opens with, "man, you should have been here last night," wherever that water may... continue reading
The AuSable River Valley boasts of its great fishing streams and rivers and folks come from all over to take a turn casting.But this evening in the town of Keene the fishing scene is front and center in a relatively new gallery space in the Keene Arts building on Route 73. One of the featured artists is a renowned local guide by the name of Rachel Finn and she is here tonight to meet with her fans and folks out to take a look at the gallery space. This is the first time I am meeting Rachel though we have both been in the area for some time and live neighboring towns. She is friendly and down-... continue reading
With all the water we’ve seen lately, you would think this wouldn’t be a good time to be fishing. Think again.  While you may not be standing out in the middle of the Ausable in that picturesque pose, there are still fish to be caught in the rivers, even when wading isn’t possible. A word of caution here, however. When the rivers are running high and you’re fishing the edges, take even more care with your footing. It’s one thing to take a tumble when the water is low and you might get your feet wet; it’s quite another to stumble around in a swirling torrent. So safety is paramount. If you’... continue reading


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