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 As with most rural communities, in the Adirondacks our local firefighters and EMS volunteers are the heroes of our area. Responding to their neighbors in times of crisis is what they do, and they do it well and with courage dozens of times each year. Add to that the training and extra activities they participate in, and our Volunteer Fire Department members really go the extra mile to keep us safe. So on Sunday, August 2, I was happy to attend the Keene Valley Fire Department Field Day. It's held on the first Sunday of August each year as an open-house for the community - as well... continue reading
The Secret's Out Here's the thing... I was never very good at keeping secrets. If I love something, I want everyone to know about it. I want to share the knowledge. And, while my blog today doesn't exactly give away anything that is top-secret, it does highlight 4 places that are often overlooked. So, the next time you get off exit 30 on the Northway and start the trip up scenic Route 73 toward the Lake Placid Region, keep your eyes peeled for these "secret" spots. Heck, maybe you'll even take my advice and keep the camera handy. If you do, be sure to snap some pics and post them on social... continue reading
By Megan Eileen McDonough When it comes to outdoor adventure, Lake Placid packs a serious punch. Home to some of New York’s tallest mountains, the Adirondacks, Lake Placid is a dream destination for nature lovers and photographers alike. From tranquil Mirror Lake to jaw-dropping Mount Marcy, here are five of Lake Placid’s best year-round viewpoints.  Mirror Lake Not quite sure if you're hiking material? Start off with something easy. Mirror Lake is the perfect place to try out your walking shoes. A relatively flat walk, you'll find visitors of all ages and... continue reading
There is nothing more breathtaking than a mountain sunrise If you have ever read any of my other blogs, you probably know by now that hiking mountains for the sunrise, or watching the sunrise in general, is one of my favorite activities. I absolutely love the way the fog and clouds roll over and around the mountains as the morning light hits them and refracts gold, orange, red and whatever other colors nature has to offer. It’s always a miraculous scene to witness. I hope that I’m successful now in putting this most recent sunrise adventure of mine into words and I hope it inspires... continue reading
Check out details on the Horse Shows.
Simply Camping Nowadays with all the extra travel fees, weight limitations, etc., travel articles advise travelers how to pack lighter and provide tips on what to, and what not to, bring. The last travel tip article I read online advised that unless you are packing skis, snowboard equipment or golf clubs that you should leave the gear at home & rent while your there. This advice aptly fits into the research for the blog I’m currently working on - camping during your stay in Lake Placid, and more specifically, the notion of "no gear - no problem." A planned or impromptu Lake Placid... continue reading
Spend, spend, spend... not so much! It can be expensive to take a vacation. We know that; I know that. I'm, admittedly, thrifty - okay, call it cheap, whatever. Here's the thing... you save up for a few months (or longer) to take a great vacation, and you want to make the most of it, right? You want to stay within your budget and still have a memorable experience. I know I do. And usually I choose my destination based on what I've heard about it from friends online. It's the way of the world these days. If one of my FB friends proclaims they went on a cruise and it was super expensive, I... continue reading
A brilliant ad campaign People of a ‘certain age’ will likely remember an ad campaign in the 1970s and '80s conducted by Canadian Club (CC) Whiskey. It created some mysteries so intriguing that people traveled all over the world in their attempts to locate the subjects of the ads and claim a supposed $10,000 prize for locating them. Lake Placid was one of the destinations used in this ad campaign. To date, the mystery of "the missing case" in Lake Placid has never been solved according to local lore and the media. Here’s the back story… It all started in the late '60s with a brilliant... continue reading
Not so placid When I was a kid my family and I would vacation with another family we were very close with. I have the greatest memories as we would try to get ahold of anything and everything that would float and that we could use to spend a great day on and at the water. From strapping giant inflatable tubes to the trunk of the car, inflatable rafts, boogie boards, and even a few summers where the beach would rent giant tubes we could actually fit in the middle of and roll down the hill and into the water in. We then added to the circus with a large styrofoam (yes, styrofoam) sailboat my... continue reading
Have kids, will travel... Lessons Learned in the Adirondacks? When researching this blog I immediately thought I would have to do a "through the eyes of my Adirondack child" theme. Since Oliver has entered my life (a mere 5 years ago), I have learned (and re-learned) so many valuable lessons. It's pretty darn cool, if I do say so myself. There's something about the wonder and exclamations of a child that really make you take a look at the world around you. And, while I thought life would be a lot more tame once I became a parent, I learned we just had to be a bit more creative when crafting... continue reading


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