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Split Rock Bluffs are a bit off the beaten path, but the area has much to offer the entire family. Split Rock is located not far off Exit 30 of I-87 on Route 9, south of Elizabethtown. The area has been known for quite some time as a swimming destination and cliff jumping.  It is also, all too well known to be the home of unfortunate events in the sport of cliff jumping. This is why I start out this blog with a warning that the area is home to tall cliffs and dangerous conditions. While some of the area is totally safe for almost anyone, many may not be so. Please practice acts of awareness... continue reading
            A few weeks ago, a coworker and I had some vegetation sampling to do along the trail to Copperas Pond in Wilmington Notch, so we grabbed Wren and headed in.  The trail loops, meeting Route 86 in two places about a mile apart, and we hiked in along the northern access.  The trail climbed steeply at first, but then became rolling as we wound through a mixed deciduous – coniferous forest on our way to Copperas Pond.            We passed the trail that heads to Winch Pond, a small, muddy-edged pond which I’ve found is good for birds, but we didn’t have time to head there.  Last year... continue reading
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This Labor Day weekend why not cruise around the region and find as many events to attend as possible?  There's a lot on tap here in the High Peaks Region this weekend, so check out our calendar, and plan your day(s) of touring accordingly.In Saranac Lake, Hobofest is the big event on the calendar on Sunday, August 31st at the Union Depot in Saranac Lake. Hobofest celebrates American roots culture and the independent spirit with free musical performances from noon til late. Acts include Mamie Minch, Annabelle Chvostek, Biscuit Rollers, Stoneground Express, Mouthbreather, Tall County, Fox... continue reading
            Over the past month, my time in the field has been marked by stopping along the trail for a quick snack.  It began with wild strawberries hiding under the low, green leaves along the ground.  Soon berries were hanging from every bush and tree and I have been happy to take part in their bounty.             A few weeks ago my coworkers and I descended upon a patch of black raspberries (perhaps my favorite, and not particularly common around here), greedily consuming them as if we hadn’t eaten anything for days.  Red raspberries too have been out and I check out the patch next to my... continue reading
John Brown’s Farm in the Town of North Elba is the home and grave of abolitionist John Brown. John Brown died in the pursuit of freedom for slaves and after an assault on Harpers Ferry to obtain arms in 1859, he was hung in Virginia. His body was then transported back to his home here in North Elba along with several of his comrades who aided him in the Harpers Ferry raid.Today John Brown’s Farm is open to the public and part of New York States office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. This landmark is a staple of the area and a significant importance in the era of slavery. This... continue reading
            I recently traded my hiking boots, trekking poles and other usual gear for a more relaxing trip up the Cloudsplitter gondola to the top of Little Whiteface.  The day was perfect, and the gondola is a fun way to climb for a great view – and a view which changes as you climb up the side of the mountain.  We were joined by other view seekers as well as mountain bikers who rode the gondola up with their bikes so they could rocket back down along the ski trails.             I had a more relaxing day in mind, however, as I snapped photos on the way up as the gondola was pulled along by... continue reading
So, we know that Lake Placid is a great family destination, but I haven’t really tested that out since I don’t have any kids.  In fact, my only child is an over-photographed doberman mix. It’s not that I don’t LIKE children. After all, some of my best friends were once kids. And some of my best friends, now adults, DO have kids. And through these friends, I more fully understand the nature of Lake Placid’s family-friendly status. Case in point: this last weekend I got to witness part of a three-generation Lake Placid family fun vacation experience. It all began when one of... continue reading
With August upon us, families will find activities and events in the region numerous enough to keep them busy for weeks!  August seems to be the season of cultural and family-geared events throughout the Adirondacks. If you find yourself in the Lake Placid/High Peaks Region, our other regions are just a short drive away, most an hour or under. This week we’re focused on the cultural scene around the region.Highlighting the arts scene this week, Lake Placid Center for the Arts (LPCA) is proud to present “Classical Moves: An Evening of Dance with Members of American Ballet Theatre & Friends... continue reading
The Lake Placid Center for the Arts (LPCA) is vibrant this evening with patrons of dance. Tonight is the performance of Rebecca Kelly Ballet’s (RKB) Onstage. The program has been providing dance training, rehearsing, and performance since 1989 at the LPCA.The course offered here is a two-week program which culminates in tonight’s performance that features 6 to 19 year-olds as well as the members of the ballet company from New York City who have been working with these dedicated young dancers for the past two weeks.It is an intensive program but the moms I am speaking with tonight before the... continue reading
Last year about this time I decided to go up Snow Mountain for an afternoon tromp through the woods and found that the Deer Brook Trail was closed. These conditions shouldn’t have been a surprised since it wasn’t too long ago, that Hurricane Irene came through and remodeled the back-country.  So, to satisfy my curiosity and keep the information I present to people as accurate as possible, I thought I would see if the trail had been treated at all.Starting from Route 73 at the Deer Brook Trail I found this initial section to be the same as before, up to the one car bridge, about 150 yards from... continue reading


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