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As the snow begins to fly around the Adirondacks the level of excitement about the upcoming winter sports season resonates from the hills! We are so excited to get our winter gear on and ski, skate, ice climb, hike and all the other things we do here in the winter months. But during the time between first snow and ‘enough’ snow to really play in, there’s a time we turn our attention to some great events on the calendar. Hopefully there will be snow and ice to play on - and in - by the time these events roll around, not that any of them require it. But, it sure does give everything a more... continue reading
There are plenty of ghost stories in the Lake Placid area, but probably the most unique and mysterious is the story of the Lady in the Lake. If you want to learn about it, Lake Placid Boat Tours guides tell the story as they pass by Pulpit Rock, where the ghost of Mabel Smith Douglass is said to be seen. I took the tour on a beautiful fall day in late September, and I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the dark subject matter I was researching.   A body found in the lake On Sept. 21, 1933, Mabel disappeared while rowing on Lake Placid. She... continue reading
Intro to Skiing and Snowboarding 101 Learning to ski or snowboard can have many paths. As a longtime skier, snowboarder, and past instructor, I’ve seen how vast the experiences from one person to another can be. While you could say there is no wrong way, there are definitely ways to make the experience easier, and more affordable. Ski Lessons for Children My parents skied in college and so when I was young they enrolled me in lessons during our family ski vacations. While I was too young to fully remember the learning experience, I do remember much of my... continue reading
While fall and then our soon to come Indian summer still linger in Lake Placid, there are a few distinctly autumn events you won’t want to miss. Three of them have become well-known annual affairs with large attendance numbers and one is a brand new and exciting event for late October. Celebrate Bavarian culture One of our annual events is actually in Wilmington at Whiteface Mountain, but we don’t want to overlook it as it’s such a famous regional event.  With several well known Bavarian entertainers both days, traditional Bavarian foods and German beers, along with lots... continue reading
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As we put the 16th edition of Ironman Lake Placid in the history books, we turn to late summer and our back-to-back events of early August. From water skiing to lacrosse, we've got some pretty awesome events coming up in addition to our ongoing cultural and fun family events. Summer ice skating Hard to imagine ice skating in the summer? Lake Placid sports not one, but THREE indoor refrigerated skating rinks and is home to one of America's longest running and most prestigious summer figure skating training programs. This week we play host to the Lake Placid Ice Dance... continue reading
Some of the best scenic destinations near Lake PlacidLake Placid is loaded with scenic destinations, but not all of them are long hikes or even moderate hikes; the Lake Placid Region can fulfill it all. These destinations I have chosen are perfect for those not wishing to do much hiking at all. In fact these destinations are within a ten minute walk of the parking lot, no special hiking equipment required, you could even do them in your flip flops if you want. I hope you enjoy these selected short ventures and take lots of pictures while you’re out there.  Cascade Lakes and Cascade... continue reading
Gear for Day Hiking in the High Peaks    I am going to Lake Placid, what should I have for day hiking in the High Peaks?This question is much more in depth than one might think. You have another question you need to ask to lead up to this question. Where do I plan to hike? This matters only is mainly in the concept of how much food and water should I bring, all other gear I list should be on every hike. Some are “just in case” gear, while others are essential.I have spent countless hours and miles in the High Peaks and frequently revisit as a guide to the Region. The possible situations I see... continue reading
You may not think of the Adirondacks as the place to go for theater, but there’s some amazing plays and musicals to be seen in Tri-Lakes area and around the region every summer. Turns out actors like “vacationing” here in the summer just as much as regular folks (though it’s not really a vacation when you work as hard as they do!), and there are plenty of professional actors who venture up from more metropolitan areas to participate in some amazing summer stock theater. There are also some fabulous local actors as well! Dreaming of Pendragon Saranac Lake’s Pendragon... continue reading
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Hold onto your hats folks! July is about to explode with events in Lake Placid, as it does every year. This year's events lineup will not disappoint, once again.World class equestrian show jumpingThe Lake Placid Horse Show has kicked off already and will run through Sunday, June 29. Following this show, next up are the I Love New York Horse Show from July 1 - 6 and the newly added third week, Adirondack Horse Show, July 8 - 13. With the first two weeks sold out for entries, this premier show jumping event of the year should prove to be just as exciting as ever. Nearly 1,000 horses have been... continue reading
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As the weather becomes more and more summer-like in Lake Placid, the shift of focus moves outdoors for events and all kinds of activities. Cultural events are still on the calendars at indoor venues as well. The Arts Lake Placid is lucky to be home to one of the Adirondack's finest art centers, the Lake Placid Center for the Arts. June yields a full calendar of wonderful and entertaining cultural events. For two nights on June 6th and 7th, LPCA plays host to the national touring production of Avenue Q. Strictly for adult audiences, the raucously funny musical will have... continue reading


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