The saying goes you lose most of your body heat through your head, its true ya know? The head can also be used as a temperature regulator for your entire body if done correctly. Putting on a hat can warm up your entire body, even your feet. Taking off your hat will quickly cool you down. A preference for me is to carry two hats for a day trip; a light layer for warmer temperatures and easier temperature regulation and a heavier hat for summits, tree line, heavy winds, and cooler conditions and as a backup.One important trick; when you take off your hat tuck it into a pocket or into your... continue reading
            With the next week predicted to be chilly and wet, Wren and I took advantage of a warm day to hike Scarface Mountain in Ray Brook.  Scarface is another of the Saranac Lake 6ers and offers a variety of habitats and scenery throughout the hike.  With hunting season underway I had Wren don her bright orange vest which gives her the look of a super hero in a cape as she races down the trail, and we headed out.             For the first couple miles the trail winds up and down through coniferous forest – pines with a thick balsam fir understory.  I often hike this portion of Scarface... continue reading
With the decreasing amount of daylight and the increase in moisture falling from the sky in the late fall, some of the mountain bike trails in the area do get a little wet and may not be suitable for riding again until the other side of winter.  However, that is not true for all of the mountain bike trails in the area.  In this final cycling post of the season I offer some suggestions for which trails in the area to avoid, and which trails will remain ridable until the snow begins to fall.  As always, no matter what trail you are on, it is best for the health of the trail system to walk... continue reading
            As October leaves fall with passing cold fronts, it is time to head out at night to look and listen for northern saw-whet owls.  Saw-whets are small (about 8 inches long) owls, and the smallest owl in our region.  They migrate north in the early spring to breed in the Adirondacks and to our north, and then they migrate back through our region during the middle of the fall.  And the first few weeks of October are the best time to find them.  And while the owls are more vocal during the spring because they are beginning their breeding season, they will call during their southbound... continue reading
Another killer fall day in the Adirondacks and I had the esteemed pleasure of hiking with an outstanding group of outdoor enthusiasts, and boy were they enthused. About a month ago I brought a group up to Summit Rock for a great day on the trails and during that trip I was asked about a full through hike of the pass in the future. I gave it some thought and sure enough, it was planned.After our bumpy ride over to Upper Works we got our packs all tied to our backs, said farewell to the bus driver and off we went. The bus was to pick us up in roughly 7-hours in Lake Placid. Yes that’s right;... continue reading
The Peninsula Trails in Lake Placid are probably the most conveneint oppotunity to hop on your mountain bike and get on a trail in town. The milage may be short, but there is ample parking at two conveneint access points, and the view of Lake Placid at "the dam" is absolutely breathtaking. Getting to the trails is easy. From the intersection of Routes 73 and 86 in Lake Placid, follow Route 86 through town, and continue to follow it as it swings left and climbs a short hill. Turn right on Peninsula Road — it looks like the entrance to a hotel, but you’ll see a large DEC sign for... continue reading
I have been on a bushwhacking frenzy lately it’s nice to be able to share my experiences with you. I so often end up only have a few hours to play on a given day, so it’s very hard to find a partner to go with, so thank you for listening. I started this mini-adventure at the Copperas Pond Trailhead and wasted no time ascending the steep trail. Rather than making the right and going toward Copperas Pond I stayed straight and hiked toward Winch Pond. I continued on a fast pace to reach Winch Pond quickly so I could start my bushwhack route.I set a course to hike around Winch Pond to the north... continue reading
Oh I'd rather go and journeyWhere the diamond crescent's glowing andRun across the valley Beneath the sacred mountainAnd Wander through the forestWhere the trees have leaves of prismsAnd break the light in colorsThat no-one knows the names of-Wasn’t Born to FollowCarole King and Gerry Goffin; recorded by the Byrds 
The Adirondack’s busiest weekend of the year is almost upon us. Both Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving always occur on the same weekend in October - this year October 11 - 14. It’s kind of like the “last hurrah” of the busy summer/fall season with visitors getting in their last long weekend before the November and December holidays. Visitors will swarm the region this coming weekend and we are ready and waiting for them!  In addition to the multitude of activities available to visitors, there will be a full schedule of entertaining events as well. From live music at area establishments... continue reading
This week in the High Peaks Region around Lake Placid the foliage is just past peak - about normal for this week. The predominant colors now are yellows, golds and oranges of the Oaks, Maples, Beech, Poplars and Birch, with scattered brilliant red Sugar Maples.  As we descend in elevation, the foliage gradually backs away from peak. Keene and Keene Valley should be experiencing peak conditions soon, if not this coming weekend. The Lake Champlain Region is in its early stages of color change, reporting approximately 30 - 50% change, depending on elevation, the higher elevations being further... continue reading


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