While I know many folks and several coworkers that rave about extreme mountain biking, I have never been one of them. As a matter of fact, I have never actually been mountain biking. Honestly, I've been known to get nervous going off of a curb on my hybrid bike. I guess you could call me an extreme beginner. It's ridiculous, but I can trace it back to one simple event a few days after going from a kiddie bike to a grown-up 3-speed. I thought the tires were as big and sturdy as my little bike. They were not. I flipped over my handlebars going down a huge hill a bit faster than I... continue reading
It’s July. It’s hot! And this town has three delicious places to grab a freshly brewed beer! What is better than grabbing a fresh, local craft brew after a day of strenuous (or not) outdoor recreation? Nothing, in my opinion!  I love going for a nice hike, swim, paddling and grabbing a beer after my hard days work. Sometimes I even take some with me!  First Stop: Great Adirondack Brewing Company The award-winning Great Adirondack Brewing Company, along with their restaurant, Great Adirondack Steak and Seafood, is nestled smack dab in the middle of downtown Lake Placid in... continue reading
Do you love sinking a putt in the quiet serenity of nature, or nailing a drive and watching it disappear into a backdrop of towering peaks? How about docking your boat, hopping on a shuttle bus, and getting a few rounds in before an evening of lakeside dining? Whether you want to be near the action or away from it, you'll find something to love on Essex County's golf courses. Just don't forget to take your eye off the ball once in a while — in the Adirondacks, eagle isn't just another way of saying "good game." North Essex County's northern golf ... continue reading
If I had to choose my favorite route for a motorcycle ride in the Adirondacks it would be a cruise from Keene to Lake Placid. When I hear the roar of the engine start, I immediately get excited for this ride along route 73. It's filled with stunning views and a long stretch of road that twists and turns, making it an ideal ride for me to enjoy as a passenger. Leaving Keene feels like we are ascending a mountain as we climb the curving road up, up, and away. Finally when we've made it to what seems to be the top and we pass both of the Cascade lakes  - one of... continue reading
Frequently when I eat lunch at The Good Bite Kitchen, someone comes in, takes a look at the menu, realizes it's all vegetarian, and then leaves. Some people who do so are apologetic and some are embarrassed, but restaurant owner Kayte Billerman says she's OK with people leaving if they're not interested in her food. She's not trying to force anyone to eat anything they don't like!  But those who stop in and give it a try might just be surprised with how satisfied they are with their sans-meat meal. Kayte pays a lot of attention to making sure each dish is balanced with... continue reading
Local mom tackles 3 trails to train for a 5k — check out the routes & the results. Heck, you can even drag the kid and/or dog along (or not!) Tis the season. Or so I've been told... Time to get off my bum and get moving. For months now I've managed to do the bare minimum in exercise. Enough to keep my kid entertained and most of the dreaded winter weight at bay (notice I said, most) but not enough to ready me for the impending 5k I am signed up for — or the 10k I one day aspire to complete. To be completely transparent, for years now I have... continue reading
A Girls' Night Out & A Boys' Big Breakfast The fabulous Lake Placid Lodge awaits I don't get much time to myself, and really, I don't mind. But, every once in a while, when the stars align, I find myself with a free evening and no real plan. So, on a recent Friday evening, I was ready to go for the gold. I polled a couple of my co-workers and the general consensus was unanimous - drinks were in order. We decided to head to Maggie's Pub at the Lake Placid Lodge. We were looking for a relaxed atmosphere with funky drinks and delicious food. We were not disappointed. Sitting at the bar,... continue reading
I'll admit it, I'm a guy who doesn't mind to shop. But not at a stuffy mall with miles of cookie cutter stores. If I'm going to put the effort into shopping I want it to be outside, along a street, with a mish-mash of stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. I want each store to be an opportunity to find something interesting and different than the last store. This is one of the great joys of living near a town like Lake Placid which still supports a thriving and eclectic downtown. Even as someone who has lived in the Adirondacks for over 25 years, I'm still able to find truly great things when... continue reading
With the holiday that involves ghosts and goblins almost upon us, we've been hearing our fair share of ghost stories lately. Since our history dates back well into the 1700s, there are certainly bound to be a host of ghosts somewhere in the deep recesses of the old homes of Lake Placid. I went out in search of some stories. "The Club" The experiences that keep popping up in abundance revolve mostly around the buildings of the former Lake Placid Club. The Club's buildings dated back to the late 1800s and some are still standing today. The main club house and many of... continue reading
Insider's Tip: Pick Owl's Head to get your novice hiker hooked! Lake Placid and the High Peaks Region is home to countless miles of hiking trails to explore and peaks to summit. But, here's the thing, and it's one of my favorite insider's tips: You don't have to spend all day climbing one of the 46 High Peaks to get a great view and soak in your fill of nature! We love hiking Owl's Head (a simple 10-15 minute drive from town), Cobble Hill (less than a mile from Main Street in Lake Placid Village), or simply walking/biking the 2.7 mile Mirror Lake paved loop. And, new to our repertoire, we... continue reading


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