John Brown’s Farm in the Town of North Elba is the home and grave of abolitionist John Brown. John Brown died in the pursuit of freedom for slaves and after an assault on Harpers Ferry to obtain arms in 1859, he was hung in Virginia. His body was then transported back to his home here in North Elba along with several of his comrades who aided him in the Harpers Ferry raid.Today John Brown’s Farm is open to the public and part of New York States office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. This landmark is a staple of the area and a significant importance in the era of slavery. This... continue reading
The High Peaks Mt. Bike Center has been bustling with activity all summer long.  High Peaks Cyclery offers mountain bike services and maintains the trails at the Olympic Sports Compelx at Mt. Van Hovenberg.  They offer lessons, rentals, and guided trips on many of the same trails that were used as part of the cross-country ski events in the 1980 olympics.  Trail fees are $6 dollars for the day.  Mountain Bike rentals are $25 for half-day or $35 for a full-day.  The staff at The High Peaks Mountain Bike Center at Mt. Van Hovenberg has everything you need for a great day of riding.  The terrain... continue reading
When you first look at the Mountain Bike Maps published by the volunteers at the Barkeater Trails Alliance and available at Placid Planet as well as High Peaks Cyclery, it's hard to know which trails are good to ride.  One trail that seems to make everyone happy is known as "Twisted Sister."  This trail was one of the first built on the Lake Placid Club and Resort property by Peter Fish in aniticipation of an Exterra off-road triathlon that was held in Lake Placid for a couple of years.  The initial generosity of the Lussi family to allow mountain bike trails on their property was an... continue reading
Working in a retail shop that deals in outdoor gear for trail running, I field a ton of questions on what exactly should a trail runner have and where should they go, and most people know that I love to tell people where to go, so we thought we might start doing that a bit here on www.lakeplacid.com. So, be sure to check out our trail running page in the “DO” section and then the OUTDOORS” section and then the “SUMMER/FALL” section. This should be up and going this week with an introduction and gear suggestions and then destinations will start to be introduced weekly.The destinations will... continue reading
When it comes to deciding where to start your Mountain Bike Ride in Lake Placid, There are a lot of choices. The wide varitety of loops and routes can leave a rider with a lot of decisions to make. Here are a few ideas to get you started: My personal favorite place to park is the metered lot right near Olympic Center on Main Street. One of the things that I like best about riding in Lake Placid is that all of the routes are so close to town. Parking on Main St. allows for a short ride on the road to get to the trails, and a very short walk to that most important post-ride beverage... continue reading
This morning brought Corenne and I to the realization that we just cannot kick this sinus thing we have going on, but we had to get out and enjoy the spring air before it snowed again tomorrow. I can't kick this cold any better than the Adirondacks can kick winter, I ain't gunna lie - I'm ready for spring, the wildflowers, the morning song birds, my boat to be on my car and not in storage, oh, and the warm weather so I can break out my pasty white legs.That brings us to our half day outing in the woods. We decided to visit the Wickham Marsh Trail. We had been there this winter once, for a... continue reading
When a bunch of people well versed in the outdoors come to town, you know it's worth the trip. And although you can't follow the members of the Outdoor Writers Association of America around when they are here, you can visit some of the same places and get a great taste of what the area has to offer. The group will spend a September weekend here for its 86th fall conference this year and they've chosen the Adirondack region for its diverse outdoor offerings. And it's nothing you couldn't do on your own. Not that we want to wish the summer away;... continue reading
I have brought my family to tour and visit the Uihlein Sugar Maple Field Station for more years than I have kept track of. We always make a limited amount of maple syrup at our own house and I like to go to Uihlein and see how effortless they make the collection of sap look. Though we may toil over our few gallons, it is encouraging to see that professional maple makers, with help of Uihlien's research, are able to be a bit more efficient.I was also surprised to learn during my spring tour that the Uihlein Field Station welcomes the public to walk, ski or snowshoe through their 200-acre... continue reading
The snow is covering the High Peaks and we pass by Whiteface to see the snow machines earnestly making sure there is plenty of snow for trails. Just a short trip from Whiteface Mountain in Wilmington is one of our favorite places to go all year round, the Jay Covered Bridge. While during the frosty months we are hypnotized by the swift current and ice formations.  In the heat of summer we are drawn to the cool waters below. Erected in 1857 by George Burt, this bridge is the only remaining Howe Truss Bridge in the Adirondack Park. The Howe Truss was a patented bridge support system that Howe,... continue reading
It doesn't happen very often in my household but I had a day off alone. I typically don't hike alone because I have a very hard time keeping conversation with myself. Not only that but I usually get a particular song stuck in my head and all I keep doing is singing the chorus over and over again, because I can't remember the rest. With all that, I still felt the need to get out and play in the newly fallen snow, so I set my eyes on McKenzie. I needed to update "The Other 54" my book on the Adirondack 100 Highest and I hadn't been on McKenzie since early in the writing of the second... continue reading


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