Right in the center of downtown Lake Placid there’s a 124 acre lake. We call it Mirror Lake because the surface is as smooth and reflective as glass. It’s surrounded by mountain vistas and is a year-round treasure because of its beauty. It also provides an abundance of opportunities for fun, including a public beach right off Main Street. Lake Placid lake, just north of Mirror Lake, is yet another opportunity for fun in the water. Lake Placid boasts a strong tradition of getting out on the water, whether it’s by boat or atop of a SUP. There are so many different ways to enjoy the water, and... continue reading
Remember that over-excited feeling you would get as a kid, the feeling that always resulted in not a wink of sleep that night? Place that feeling into an adult woman — an endurance enthusiast and passionate triathlete who lives and breathes anything that pushes the limits in strength and endurance — getting ready to skin up a mountain for her first time. That was me! The idea of getting an alpine touring ski setup had been playing an itching role in my mind for some time now.  Downhill skiing has always been a great activity in the Adirondacks, but over the past few years a different... continue reading
Gear for Day Hiking in the High Peaks    I am going to Lake Placid, what should I have for day hiking in the High Peaks?This question is much more in depth than one might think. You have another question you need to ask to lead up to this question. Where do I plan to hike? This matters only is mainly in the concept of how much food and water should I bring, all other gear I list should be on every hike. Some are “just in case” gear, while others are essential.I have spent countless hours and miles in the High Peaks and frequently revisit as a guide to the Region. The possible situations I see... continue reading
Every company that has anything to do with the outdoor retail industry is making a tent and placing it on the market. Variety and selection is what customers want, but how much is too much, before it becomes overwhelming? You can go to a variety superstore and buy a tent for $20.00, will that suffice? It might for a weekend or maybe even a season if you take care of it but don’t expect the world from it. Should you order a $500.00 tent online, thinking it will get you an entire backpacking career? You could, but let me tell you, you don’t always get what you pay for. A tents life is all in... continue reading
As you can image, just like most outdoor gear decisions, it’s not always black and white, and quite honestly it shouldn’t be. There are numerous companies out there making sleeping bags, are some better than others, of course, but I am not telling you this to sway you toward a certain company, but to give you the knowledge to make an informed decision. I am hoping to help you along a little bit with some of the most popular questions about one of the most difficult pieces of gear to purchase – THE SLEEPING BAG.Are their different sizes of sleeping bags?Believe it or not, yes. When you refer... continue reading
Spring Hiking in the High Peaks It’s not all about the mud and black fliesIsn’t it nice to hear the songbirds again? Feel the warm rays of the sun? See grass poking through the holes in the snow? Spring is a time where life comes back to those things that have been sleeping, hikers included. While yes many of you might not take the winter season off, many do take a seasonal hiatus. The black bears start shake off their cramped muscles and crawl out of their den, some with cubs, some with just hunger pains. The dozens of species of spring wildflowers will start pushing their way up through the... continue reading
Upper Wolf Jaw Mountain SnowshoeThe Skinny Slide on Upper Wolf Jaw Mountain used to be a small scar on the face of the peak, but after Irene came through she stretched that scar out and made a rather large path through the preserve. I had recently been on the old slide a couple of times and the new one not long after the tropical storm and I find this to be a fascinating winter adventure. There was a larger group of adventure seekers on this trip, five snowshoers to be more exact. We had also left a bit earlier with plans of tapping the summit of Lower Wolf Jaw Mountain on the way out.Our... continue reading
The High PeaksWhat’s the perfect choice for a first winter climb?The High Peaks in winter can be very intimidating to climbers who have limited or no winter experience, but if you make the correct choices it shouldn’t be overwhelming. Yes, I would agree many of the High Peaks in winter are a grand undertaking and should not be a first winter peak. Many of the High Peaks require 10-12 hours of time in the woods and well over 12-miles during that day. However, with any mountain in winter there are a few things to keep in mind before you go out; am I equipped with the correct snowshoes? How am I... continue reading
Cold Weather Injury Protection Traveling in cold weather conditions can be life threatening! The information I am including here is for educational purposes and should never be considered a substitute for proper training or even experience in the field. I am not a doctor or a professor or any sort of professional in cold related injury or prevention. I am an avid outdoorsman who, through experience and study has learned about the values or protecting yourself this time of year. With that being said information changes and new practices and gear are being offered every... continue reading
Pack-fitting for a more comfortable rideHiking, Backpacking, Bushwhacking, Skiing, and Snowshoeing in the AdirondacksFitting a backpack can be very hard work and quite frustrating outside of a well-experienced gear shop. However, many of your best deals can be found online and that is why it’s very important to get some basics down before you take that chance and order something from across the country. It also helps to know what you are looking for before you head into a gear shop so that you can answer the questions that will be thrown at you.Pack SizeYou need to consider the size of the... continue reading


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