Playing outside A week before Thanksgiving a friend mentioned that her daughter had a few days off from school before the holiday. Unfortunately, my friend had to work, and so would have to bring her daughter to the office. Thea, who is an extraordinarily mature and well-behaved 9-year-old, probably would have happily entertained herself for eight hours, but the thought of sitting still that long was enough to make me restless. Since I also had one of those days off, I volunteered to hang out with Thea for the day. My friend readily accepted and I immediately began... continue reading
The calling of the 100-highest The eastern ridge of Green Mountain has been one of wonder for me. I've heard feedback about the eastern ridge for quite some time and the comments are an equal mix of amazement and grief. After my recent dealings with the slopes of the mountain I would have to say it has a prime mixture of both. For the record, the good outweighs the ugly. The North Trail We started at the North trail for Giant Mountain and Owls Head Lookout trailhead. The day was turning out to be grand, with the sun peeking through the clouds and the... continue reading
High Peak #47 MacNaughton: you know, the 47th peak, the one that has been acclaimed as being a 4000-foot peak, the mountain that is on everyone’s list during or after they finish the 46 High Peaks…yeah, that one. It’s hard to believe that, on a mountain that has become as popular as this particular one has, no trail or even solid, continual herd path has been developed. I was looking forward to being there (for the sixth time) traveling the slopes, but this was actually my first time being there in summer and only my second time up this side of the mountain. I have explored in all... continue reading
An Adirondack 100-Highest Traverse The day was young and the sun had not even started to rise above the trees along the river near my house, it might as well have been midnight. The night had been overcast and the moon didn’t even cast a shadow, it was apparent that the day would be the same. With a 30% chance of thunderstorms and heavy rain at times we still took a chance on heading out to Wallface Mountain. The temperatures were cool enough and 30% isn’t all that threatening. I remember days past when I canceled a trip due to 90% and it never rained and vice versa on a 20% day:... continue reading
Hidden Gems of the Adirondacks Located near Scarface, the Seymour highlighted today is a much smaller version of the Seymour of the High Peaks (part of the Seward Range). It had been quite some time since I had visited this mountain and I wanted to give it another look. A good portion of this trip I would follow an old forest road to a trail, then a bushwhack to another trail, and then a bushwhack to the railroad, and eventually back to that woods road. It sounds a bit confusing but it was all planned out in my head, and on paper, and I was confident it would work out okay. So one... continue reading
A brilliant ad campaign People of a ‘certain age’ will likely remember an ad campaign in the 1970s and '80s conducted by Canadian Club (CC) Whiskey. It created some mysteries so intriguing that people traveled all over the world in their attempts to locate the subjects of the ads and claim a supposed $10,000 prize for locating them. Lake Placid was one of the destinations used in this ad campaign. To date, the mystery of "the missing case" in Lake Placid has never been solved according to local lore and the media. Here’s the back story… It all started in the late '60s with a brilliant... continue reading
I have always had the fascination with bushwhacking to some obscure peak in the middle of the wilderness to see what’s up there. I have also embraced the idea of climbing all the 46er peaks via a new route, or a bushwhack route. Over the course of several years I managed to finish them off with a trek up Skylight; I was the second person to complete the feat – one behind John Winkler. So anyhow, here is a flashback of a late fall bushwhack up Tabletop Mountain with my close friend and hiking partner, Nancy.   It was a day in early November, 2008 when I contacted my friend Nancy via... continue reading
Avalanche Mountain is one of those tall peaks seen by many but explored by few. Standing at Marcy Dam, like many of you may have in the past, your eyes gaze southward toward Mount Colden and through Avalanche Pass and there’s this smaller mountain right in the middle, with two distinguishable mounds for summits, that’s Avalanche Mountain. There is no trail up this 3800’ peak that is swallowed by two very prominent passes, Avalanche Pass on its left and Caribou Pass on its right, the Macintyre Range shadows over the region a bit further to the west making even 3800’ feet look very small.I... continue reading
Every company that has anything to do with the outdoor retail industry is making a tent and placing it on the market. Variety and selection is what customers want, but how much is too much, before it becomes overwhelming? You can go to a variety superstore and buy a tent for $20.00, will that suffice? It might for a weekend or maybe even a season if you take care of it but don’t expect the world from it. Should you order a $500.00 tent online, thinking it will get you an entire backpacking career? You could, but let me tell you, you don’t always get what you pay for. A tents life is all in... continue reading
As you can image, just like most outdoor gear decisions, it’s not always black and white, and quite honestly it shouldn’t be. There are numerous companies out there making sleeping bags, are some better than others, of course, but I am not telling you this to sway you toward a certain company, but to give you the knowledge to make an informed decision. I am hoping to help you along a little bit with some of the most popular questions about one of the most difficult pieces of gear to purchase – THE SLEEPING BAG.Are their different sizes of sleeping bags?Believe it or not, yes. When you refer... continue reading


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