Insider's Guide: Perfect Family-Friendly Holiday!

Lake Placid really is the perfect family-friendly getaway!

As we head into the holidays, I can't help but be overwhelmed a bit with the idea of entertaining Oliver, my very active 6-year-old, for two-weeks of vacation. While I know there are many parents out there that have awesome plans of action, I am fairly new to this break in routine. So, I did some investigating, I talked to some friends, I looked back on some of my family blogs, and then I came to the realization that the problem is not going to be finding activities to keep him entertained, it's going to be narrowing down what we do! 

Sometimes I forget what an amazing town I live in. And, whether you are vacationing or staycationing here, there are more than a few fun things to do over the next few weeks. In addition to all the great holiday events, Main Street attractions, and well-known outdoor activities, here are my top three out-of-the-box choices from the past year — with links to the full blogs for more info. You should consider trying them out soon!

1. Take to the sky: Scenic flight for all ages

Two awesome things about taking an Adirondack scenic flight: First, within minutes of walking into the Adirondack Flying Service office (located next to the Horse Show Grounds) we were in the air — no packing, no lines, no time for Oliver to get nervous — or conversely, explode from the anticipation. Second, if for any reason he absolutely freaked out, it would only be for 20 minutes. :)
Our pilot Phil taking time to answer all of Oliver's questions!

I needn't have worried about Oliver being scared. This proved a most-perfect first flight. Our pilot, Phil, charmed Oliver within moments of meeting him. And, as an added bonus, he was totally patient answering Oliver's many, MANY questions!

Hey!! I can hear myself talking!!

Want to get an even better feel for the inside ride? Check out this funky 360 spin from above!

Are you ready? The low-down

Adirondack Flying Service offers 20 minute scenic flights seven days a week, year-round, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. There are three planes of varying sizes that can hold groups ranging from two to five (up to two adults). Rates for the 2015 season are $55 per person, $140 for a family of three, $195 for a family of four or five (up to two adults). No reservations are necessary! 

Whether you want a view of the High Peaks, the Olympic Venues, or the regional lakes, a scenic flight is a perfectly memorable way to see them. I am so, so glad I took this family-friendly flight. It is something Oliver will always remember, and I will too.

Read (and see) more about our adventure here!

Choose your own adventure!

2. Take to the woods: Stroll the newest trails in town!

One of my favorite things about the Heaven Hill Trails, one of the Adirondacks' newest trail system, is the variety of options. There are three main loops and all of the paths are relatively flat and accessible. They are perfect for running off a bit of energy!

  • The Big Field Loop is 0.9 mile long and leads through the woods to a field adjoining the Heaven Hill Farm property. This is the shortest of the trails and a fun little jog.
  • The Old Orchard Loop is 1.4 miles long and marked by orange tags. It starts with a short walk through the woods, which leads to a large loop through a field with outstanding views of the mountains. There is a slight grade on this loop.
  • The Bear Cub Loop is marked in green and has the most options for varying its length. You can walk the main outer loop, which runs 1.5 miles, or choose to shorten or lengthen your trip by taking one of the five shorter green cross trails.

Kids, dogs, fields, views... awesome!

Easy, accessible, family-friendly treks

The trails are close to the village, and easily found at the end of Bear Cub Road. The bulk of the trails are quite flat, and the paths are wide for the most part. As an added bonus, if you're traveling with a four-legged friend, they are welcome on the trail (if they are friendly with other dogs and folks, you can even let them off the leash - and of course, there are bags provided for cleanup). I'd consider the Heaven Hill Trail System perfect for leisurely walks, trail jogging, biking, and, while I am not pushing for the warmer weather to be over, I know these trails will be a great new addition to my cross-country skiing list. 

Oh, and as a mom, I will tell you my favorite trail is the Old Orchard Loop. Oliver can attempt to run off his endless energy tackling the loop at full speed, while I can keep him in view and follow along at my own pace. Maybe we'll see you out there! 

Read (and see) more about the trails here!

Fun for all ages - LP is the perfect place to get the whole family together! (In this case 3 generations!)

3. Take my advice: We don't make excuses — we make fun!

I was so happy to come back across this blog where I debunk all of our favorite excuses to hibernate. Every once in a while I need a wake-up call, and this came in handy today. No matter the season, Lake Placid and the Adirondacks offer a variety of outdoor activities and indoor fun. From fun runs to live music, indoor skating to outdoor trail hikes, we are ready to fill your days (and nights) with memorable family-friendly events!

Some people considering running fun - I consider dressing up fun...

Ready to create your own Perfect Holiday? 

Read (and see) more about how we make every day in the ADK perfect!

Dress for the weather, pack your bags, and head to town — we're waiting and we've got more than a few events on our holiday docket.

Hope we run into you at some of the perfect family-friendly upcoming events we have in store for you this holiday season - make sure to say, hi!

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