It's Heaven on Placid's newest trails

Let the walks begin!

On September 30, 2015 the Uihlein Foundation in Lake Placid opened an awesome four-mile trail system to the public. Long-time Lake Placid resident, and personal friend to the Uihleins, Mrs. Ruth Hart had the honor of cutting the ribbon. 

Bear Cub entrance

Once you turn on to Bear Cub Road, off of Old Military, drive for a couple of miles until you see this lovely new sign beckoning you to turn right & park in the loop. Along the way, you'll pass the Cornell Sugar Maple Field Station, Heaven Hill Farm, and a lovely view of the potato fields and High Peaks.

Choose your trail!

At the moment there are three great trails to choose from: the Big Field Loop (0.9 mile), Old Orchard Loop (1.4 miles), and Bear Cub Loop (1.5 miles). In addition, the trails can be connected at different spots to lengthen your adventure.

Big Field Loop

Blue Markers: On our first trip we decided to take the .9 Big Field Loop. This path leads you through the woods and out into a field adjacent to the Heaven Hill Farm. 

Yes, I let Oliver choose the route and yes, he chose this trail because it was marked in blue! 

Follow the blue

Oliver loved following the blue markers - it was a game for him, and when he found this tree he begged me take a picture.

What could live in those holes? How did they get there? Perfect learning opportunity!

Old Orchard Loop

Orange Markers: On our second trip we chose the 1.4 Old Orchard Loop. This trail turned out to be an awesome surprise. As we headed through the woods we had no idea that we were about to encounter some of the most outstanding views of the High Peaks we have seen. 

Oliver loved this path - we have a 'stop and wait if you can't see me rule' and here he was able to run and run because, as the name suggests, once out of the woods it is a huge loop!



Pups agree!

As noted on the trail rules, dogs are welcome! If your pups are friendly and mindful they can even be unleashed. On one of our recent trips, Bean - my friend's dog - got a little bonus playtime with some Joshua Fund pups.

Be sure to grab one of the complimentary bags near the entrance and clean up after your four-legged pal!

Bear Cub Loop

Green Markers: Next up we tried the 1.5 mile Bear Cub Loop. This trek will have you meandering through the woods for the bulk of your journey.

Take the outer loop in its entirety or choose to extend (or shorten) your journey by taking one of the five smaller cross trails.

Walk in the woods

By all accounts, the new trails are a perfect addition to Lake Placid. We passed kids on bikes, parents pushing strollers, joggers, and couples out for a leisurely stroll. 

The Heaven Hill Trails definitely make our list of places to visit while staying in town.

Heaven Hill Farm Fields

New: Heaven Hill Trails 

My 6-year-old, Oliver, and I decided to check out the new Heaven Hill Trails, and we are hooked. They are now on our weekly-outing list. Close to town with a variety of lengths to choose from, these relatively flat paths are an awesome addition to all the family-friendly activities Lake Placid has to offer!

Awesome views!

Choose your own adventure

I think one of my favorite things about the Adirondacks' newest trail system is the variety of options. There are three main loops and all of the paths are relatively flat and accessible.

  • The Big Field Loop is 0.9 mile long and leads you through the woods to a field adjoining the Heaven Hill Farm property. This is the shortest of the trails and a fun little jog.
  • The Old Orchard Loop is 1.4 miles long and marked by orange tags. It starts with a short walk through the woods which leads to a large loop through a field with outstanding views of the mountains. There is a slight grade on this loop.
  • The Bear Cub Loop is marked in green and has the most options for varying its length. You can walk the main outer loop which runs 1.5 miles, or choose to shorten or lengthen your trip by taking one of the five shorter green cross trails.

Kids, dogs, fields, views... awesome!

Dogs, kids, bikers, and hikers agree: These trails are a perfect addition to Lake Placid!

Easy, accessible, family-friendly

The trails are close to the village, and easily found at the end of Bear Cub Road. The bulk of the trails are quite flat, and the paths are wide for the most part. I'd consider them perfect for walking, trail jogging, and, while I am not pushing for autumn to be over, I know these trails will be a great new addition to my cross-country skiing list.

Many thanks to the Uihlein Foundation for opening these new trails to the public! 

See you on the trails!​

Another fun day on the trails!


Love the beautiful place I live!

My fiancé James built these trails and Henry's woods! I love the trails and hey it's a five minute walk to either place from my house!!

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