Beads, beads and more beads

A different kind of fun!

If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, stop in Just Bead It and make something!

A world of wonder and sparkles awaits

Entering Just Bead It, you'll be greeted by sparkling wonders all around you, as well as some fashion accessories.

Pick your project and get measured

Teela, the assistant for my project, measures my neck for the right length necklace I'll be making.

Stacy's world of beads

Stacy DeClerque, owner of Just Bead It, explains the beading process and some interesting stories about her buying travels. 

Arranging the beautiful beads

Here's the tray I was given to arrange my necklace beads on. It has all the measurements so you can see exactly how your project is going to play out. 

Beads from all over the world

With a selection of beads and findings that will blow your socks off, it may take you a long time, like it did me, to find the perfect combination for your project. 

Make your own, or find one already made

The staff at Just Bead It creates some really fun projects that you can buy ready-made. It's just not as fun as leaving with a piece you can say you made "all by myself!" I recommend making your own!

The finished product

Ta da! Here's my finished necklace! There are so many options and choices, so just go in and have fun!! Maybe I'll see you there.

Don't miss all our local shops

With the foliage season winding down and more indoor activities calling, I went out in search of some 'different kinds of fun' around town. Lake Placid has a few pretty unique shopping offerings if you're looking to do something different! 

I was looking for something new to do on a rainy day last week. Just Bead It on Main Street drew me in. Stacy DeClerque, the owner, greeted me and showed me around. Stacy has traveled the world far and wide to find some of the most unique beads and findings for her shop. Not only does she sell beads, but accessories and home decor as well. It's a wonderland of really different accouterments for the home and your wardrobe! I decided to make myself something fun and pretty.

Get creative!

The best part of Just Bead It is making your own beaded creations. The back of the shop is set up with a work table that seats several people and there's always an employee or Stacy herself there to help you out and finish off your project with the tricky, fine details that kind of require an experienced hand.    

There's a huge selection of beads at Just Bead It. When I say huge, I mean HUGE! Every color of the rainbow and all sizes and shapes can be chosen for your project, whatever that may be. You can make all kinds of jewelry, from earrings to ankle bracelets and everything in between!  Stacy's traveled to far-off lands in search of unique and beautiful beads. From Prague, Czechoslovakia to Bali, Stacy's been around the world collecting and buying beads and art for her store. 

I love necklaces and can never have enough, so that's what I'm making today. The photos above document the process of making a necklace worthy of hanging around my neck!  If you want to have a different kind of fun on any kind of day, stop in at Just Bead It at 2573 Main Street in Lake Placid. Stacy or one of her fine staffers will be glad to guide you or your kids through the process of making a fun and useful piece!

Take your beads out on the town...

After you've bedecked yourself with fun jewels, check out our dining or events pages and make a gala night of it!

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