Picture This: Lake Placid Conference Center is not only Green, it's artistically crafted.

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Inspired by nature, surrounded by art.

Visual arts, music, theatre... the Adirondacks have long acted as the muse for many an artistic soul. When you're surrounded by nature at every turn, it's hard to ignore the beauty. So, why fight it? We don't. We embrace our artistic sides and invite you to join us in finding your own Placid inspiration.

"Sonja Henie Fountain" Olympic Sculpture

3-time Olympic Champion in Ladies' Singles, Sonja Henie was a Norwegian figure skater and film star, as well as a 10-time World Champion and a 6-time European Champion. As you first enter the Lake Placid Conference Center (fun fact: did you know it's a green building?), you'll see this unique sculpture dedicated to the skater.

Great Range from Pyramid Peak - ready to hike?

Our Adirondack artists are not only talented - they're adventurous. Shaun Ondak can be found rock & ice climbing, hiking, skiing, mountain peaking... you name it, he's there to grab in-action shots. He's also our resident photographer. Aren't we lucky!?

Murals bring highlights of town to life.

The Olympic Center is not only a sports venue, it features the artwork of several reknowned artists. This mural found in one of the main stairwells was created by Parmelee Tolkan - learn more about her in this featured blog. (Check out the finished piece - pictured below.)

Even our meeting spaces are inspired by nature.

As you wander through the Lake Placid Conference Center, you'll find beautiful pieces by local artists. You'll find this piece on the second floor of the building.

Our views are picture perfect.

Not ready to hike the High Peaks? Sit back and let our artists show you what you're missing. 

Ausable Flume - Fast & Furious

While Lake Placid is seated around beautiful (and calm) Mirror Lake, our options for getting out and enjoying the water in a range of fun ways are plentiful. Looking to boat, paddle, fish, or ski? Check out our summer on the lake info. Pictured here, photographer Shaun Ondak, captures the Ausable Flume on a roaring day. 

Where sports and art collide...

Lake Placid is a village steeped in sports history, much of it recorded by our resident artists. Entering the famous Herb Brooks Arena, is as colorful as it is memorable. 

Sculpture seamlessly melds with nature.

As you tour the Lake Placid & High Peaks Region of the Adirondacks, you'll find sculptures blending with our mountain views.  In fact, scattered throughout the region you'll find 12 Sculptures created specifically for the XIII Winter Olympic Games, including sculpture, banner art, a totem, and a mural. 

Ready to be inspired?

Visit the Adirondacks, and let your creative spirit flow. Ready to plan your trip? Stay in an artistic Great Camp or immerse yourself in a nature at a backcountry lean-to. Enjoy dining at our restaurants - which offer their own form of edible artistry. Take in a show or a live concert. Breathe in the fresh air. What are you waiting for?

Murals bring our town to life.

Drawing you inside...

The friendly folks at the Lake Placid Visitors Bureau are waiting to help you plan your inspirational tour of the Adirondacks. What inspires you... waterfalls, wildflowers, wildlife? We can help you find your muse. 

Visit us on your way into town, and before you leave to enjoy all the shopping and dining we have to offer, take a tour of the original Olympic Center and the new Conference Center. From murals and drawings, to sculptures and photographs, our spaces feature original pieces by award-winning artists. We think you'll agree our buildings are truly a work of art. 

One of our 12 Olympic Sculptures.

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Even our sports venues reflect our artistic side.

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