Hey, Did You Know?! 10 Fun Lake Placid Facts

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A Roof So Clean We'd Eat Off It!

Did you know... that the Generation Tap & Grill uses fresh herbs from their Green roof in many of their dishes and cocktails?

Bring your binoculars! You can often see Generation's staff pruning the roof top garden while you’re dining in the lake view room. 

Blogger's Note: Check out all of the Golden Arrow's Green initatives - they are truly cool to learn about. Their white sand beach is my fav!

Drink like royalty... or at least a president!

Did you know... that Ubu Ale was served at The White House during the Clinton presidency? 

Well, it was, and you can take home your own growler (or two). Check out the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery on your next trip and make sure to browse their new gift shop.

Blogger's Insider Tip: Have the kiddies in tow? Bring them along, the third floor of the restaurant features a glassed-in kids' room! You can watch them play while you relax with a sampler. Cheers!

Mountain Eating... Choose Your Peak

Did you know... that Simply Gourmet and Big Mt. Deli and Creperie have 46 sandwiches, each named for one of the 46 highest peaks in the Adirondacks?

Up for a challenge? If you eat the sandwich which corresponds to the mountain of the same name, while climbing that mountain, and send us a picture of you doing so, we will put you on our Double 46er Wall of Fame.

Blogger's Favs: #2 on Asiago minus the sprouts / #36 on Hearth Roll with banana. Now, to climb the mountains!

I'll Take Two...

Did you know... that The Bookstore Plus hands out $2 bills as change?

So, the next time you come into this super-chill, family-owned bookstore to grab the latest beach read, your art supplies, a hiking guide, and a few gifts from the kids' section, don't forget to pay in cash so you, too, can claim your $2 dollar bill - they make a great present in the gift card you just bought! 

Blogger's Note: Every time I hear $2, I think of that awesome 80s movie with John Cusack.. I want my $2!!! Anyone else remember that??

SWEET! No, really, it is!

Did you know... that Cake Placid started from an apartment-sized kitchen (the size of a closet!) with only a dozen cupcakes available at the local farmers' market each week?

They've since grown to selling over 500 cupcakes per week out of a 1000sqft kitchen space.

Bloggers Tip: Try. Them. All. YUM!

Grab 'n' Go! A Drive-thru Gift Shop?!?

Did you know... that Lake Placid Gift Co. has expanded, and in addition to delivering unique baskets from their 45 local partners to your hotel, camp, or house, you can now grab a last-minute present at their new gift boutique?  

Looking for something totally unique? They also rent backpacks that can come fully stocked with to-go lunches, snacks and beverages (adult bevs, too)!

Bloggers Wish: If only they could also hike to the top of the mountain for me!

And, The Winner Is...

Did you know... that The Great Adirondack Steak and Seafood Brewing Company was voted one of the top ten best ski resort breweries in the country by USA Today?

It's true! The Brewery small batch brews all of their own beers directly on site, and they plate up some delicious meals to go right along with them!

Blogger's Tip: Sit at the bar & order the sampler. Talk to the bartender for a few minutes and you'll get a great education about the brews. Trust me - we've tried it :)


From Past To Present

Did you know... that Ruthie's Run was originally Thaire's Ski Shop, purchased by Ruth Prime in 1968, and was one of the first ski shops in North America?

Today Ruthie's Run has the largest selection of Dale of Norway sweaters in the east. They offer a wide variety of sportswear and skiwear for Ladies and Men from vendors like Woolrich and Tribal to Bogner and Saint James, as well as many lines made in the US and Canada.

Blogger's Note: Take your time browsing this shop - there's a lot more than clothing, I just love the accessories!

Bring Out Your Dead...

Did you know... that while here for their concert at the Olympic Center in 1983, the Dead stayed at High Peaks Resort (then Hilton Lake Placid). One evening while they were here, Bob Weir and some of the other band members sat by the fireplace in The Dancing Bears Lounge and began to jam. Deadheads everywhere, partying. It lasted until 3am.

Blogger's A-ha Moment: Get it... The Dancing Bears at the Dancing Bears! Get it!? 

OH... Fudge!

Did you know... that during the 1980 Olympics, the Lake Placid Christmas Co. was a drug store which stayed open 24/7. The owner, the pharmacist at the time, installed a shower in the basement bathroom, and slept on premises.  

Also during that time, the building played host to the Solomon Ski Company. The group rented out the apartments above the store for "international representatives.”  Within the store, the Solomon Ski Company also walled off a corner of the store, and adjusted bindings for the Olympic ski racers throughout the games.

Blogger's Note: This is the place to catch the spirit of the holidays all year round  - and make sure you try the fudge.

Did You Know?

As I was putting this new "Did You Know?" blog together, I didn't think there was much I would learn about Lake Placid - I mean, I've lived here for two decades! I know the important facts: there's great places to eat, fun places to shop, outstanding family-fun to be had. The Adirondacks are literally at your doorstep, and I can take a quick hike at lunchtime or a bike ride after work. What more could I possibly find out about a place that I enjoy living in every day? Nothing. 

I Didn't Know...

Boy, was I wrong... our town is full of history and the stories just kept unfolding. I had to narrow down the topic - so I chose to highlight 10 of our local shops and dining establishments for this piece, so as not to give away all our secrets & fun facts in one fell swoop! While I have heard lots of stories throughout the years, there were so many fun facts I didn't know. Did you?

What's your favorite little-known Lake Placid memory, fact, or secret? C'mon let's hear it! 

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