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What to do on a rainy day in early June in the North Country? My fingers are too soggy from gardening in the wet dirt to do any more of that, so we opted for going sight-seeing. We'd heard there's a new market/deli in Essex. We hadn't had lunch and we also hadn't checked the Lake Champlain lake levels lately, so off we went. Bear and our new puppy, Duke (an 11 week old Lab, Great Dane mix you'll surely be hearing more about), were also in tow.Driving to Essex from Lake Placid in early summer is one of the most beautiful drives I know. The route traverses the mountains and foothills of the... continue reading
Located in an old school house, the Adirondack History Center Museum in Elizabethtown has something of interest for every member of the family. Some exhibits are being updated so we are steered downstairs toward the antique carriages and display cases.There is a huge interactive map where my children work together to track our journey to Elizabethtown by lighting up the various map destinations we had passed earlier in the day. The bottom floor displays carriages, pony cart, peddler's wagon and horse-drawn fire truck.My husband keeps wandering back to the folding canoe while I am interested... continue reading
Even with criticism of over-scheduled youth, there is still a part of me that believes carefully laid out plans and a boxed lunch can accomplish anything. The voice in my head warns me that we're one pit stop away from complete chaos. The other devil argues that just a small percentage of kids are over-scheduled while a good portion of the population does nothing at all. I justify our carefully laid out plans knowing we will be waylaid along the way. I never expect to accomplish all the plans that I make. I just like to know that I have options whether it's seeing a film at the... continue reading
Lake Placid's newest eatery has opened and will prove a great success if my recent experience is any indicator. Owners Vicky and Rob Breyette have expanded on their Caribbean Cowboy success by opening a second location up the street a bit across from the Canoe Club on Saranac Avenue. When the original location closes in a few months, they will combine into one business at the new location - 2226 Saranac Avenue.Vicky and Rob have done a great job creating a nice clean and crisp atmosphere in the new location. The staff is most attentive and the food - - - well, we all know the food is just... continue reading
Visiting Lake Placid and the surrounding Adirondacks High Peaks isn’t just about hiking. There are so many things to do. You can drive up Whiteface Mountain, or enjoy one of Lake Placid museums or just sit back and enjoy the view. One fun activity to do this weekend is part of the Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Sunday Gardening Series.If you’re looking for a way to get your child to eat his/her vegetables, perhaps growing them is the answer. On May 29th from 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. children will get to plant a salad box. The event will take place at the Lake Placid Elementary School and it is... continue reading
There I was, staring straight into the eye of the 8 foot wave, its powerful mass about to break over the bow of our comparatively small inflated raft. I remembered what our guide had said earlier when he spied another group in an even smaller raft than ours: "We're gonna need a bigger boat for where we're going."It was then that I heard his voice again. "All ahead- HARD!" and I turned my head briefly to see our experienced licensed guide, Wayne Failing, riding high above my head at the stern of the boat, tie-dye-colored paddle over his head. "Back LEFT" he yelled, as I returned to paddling... continue reading
One activity that can be done with any member of the family is a drive to the top of Whiteface Mountain. This weekend is the opening weekend for the Whiteface Veterans' Memorial Highway. Though we usually climb mountains, this beautiful drive to the top is the perfect way for anyone to see the beautiful Adirondack High Peaks. Make sure to check the Whiteface website for summit visibility before making the trek. I have shown up and been told the summit had zero visibility. It had been completely socked in, so be prepared. Going up? Pay the fee at... continue reading
I finally caved and ordered a smart phone. It arrived yesterday in a high tech-looking little box. I was afraid to open it. I was afraid to turn it on. When I finally got the courage to do so, it automatically guided me through setting up all my contact lists, synching them and building what I found to be an unexpectedly gigantic list. What I didn't realize it would do was add ALL my Facebook contacts - a very large list - and included cell phone numbers for most of those people. Kind of scary that it finds those things so easily! So, there I was with an incredible piece of technology - now... continue reading
It was a busy week at the CVB, and an extraordinarily beautiful one, too. With the sun out in full force every day, temperatures in the 60's and 70's, and the sounds of birds singing songs from classic animated films in the air, it was tough to concentrate on our work.Of course, the huge news this week is that the long-awaited Conference Center at Lake Placid opened its doors officially to welcome its first meeting group. Read more about it HERE!The sun and dry weather were welcome, to say the least. The Adirondack Coast of Lake Champlain (and Vermont, too, of course) has been battling record... continue reading
One quick, on road, bicycle ride in Lake Placid is the John Brown Road loop. Starting at John Brown Farm and Gravesite, we park our car and hop on the bikes. Some of us need to get our bicycle legs back after a long winter free from pedaling. As John Brown Road has two entrances off Old Military, we bear left at the Y and head northwest onto Old John Brown Road for about 0.8-mile. At the end of the road we turn right onto Old Military Road, passing the North Elba Cemetery and Lake Placid Community Garden. People have already started doing a bit of spring cleaning.We deliberately choose to... continue reading


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