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Seems like lacrosse should be easier than soccer, since the players get to carry a big catcher's mitt on the end of a stick.I played soccer (or American football) for umpteen years as a kid and in college. As soccer players, we didn't carry any equipment; we just used our feet and heads. So when the hoards of lacrosse players enter the Lake Placid scene in August, even though the shoes and outdoor grass-covered fields are similar to those used in soccer, all the sticks with baskets on the ends are very intriguing to me. 

The über popular Summit Lake Placid Lacrosse tournament is happening... continue reading
There is something special about having alone time with my daughter. It gets even better now that she branches out beyond the princess-themed play to climb, fish, or catch something. This time we explore searchingfor new lands. We may not discover uncharted territory in our Adirondack Coast tour but we will tread on the lands discovered over 400 years ago by Samuel de Champlain.The Champlain Memorial Lighthouse sits on the edge of what is now the Crown Point Public Campground. It overlooks Vermont and sits surrounded by land that witnessed battles and forts. Originally constructed in 1858,... continue reading
During the summer months in the North Country, we are very fortunate to have a host of farmer's markets to choose from almost every day of the week. A trip to your local farmer's market is a great way to spend part of a day, not just for the shopping, but for the social aspect as well. Farmers and producers love to talk about their products and love meeting new customers as well. If you ask some good questions, I guarantee you'll also learn something new, too.Farming history in North Elba (the township in which Lake Placid lies) dates to 1800, when Elijah Bennett, our first farming family... continue reading
It has been touted that listening to classical music makes children smarter (though I'm pretty sure playing video games or watching TV cancels that out) and "music soothes the savage beast." Therefore it would only make sense to partake in the Lake Placid Sinfonietta's free Wednesday evening Mid's Park concert series in downtown Lake Placid.Watching a taped performance may be fine but it's no substitute when a live one is available, so the video issue is solved. We see a peaceful change come over our children when we join other patrons during the Wednesday evening Park Series so the beastie... continue reading
Take the family for this short hike to the summit of Cobble Hill, located right in the center of the Adirondack's Lake Placid.  Kids of all ages will enjoy this scenic view of the High Peaks and village of Lake Placid. We have discovered that a trip to the grocery store is best served after a bit of outdoor activity. Cobble Hill provides a quick remedy.The most challenging part of our climb up Cobble Hill is finding the entrance.  The entrance via Mt. Whitney Way is a private road so there is no sign posted. We are here at the good graces of easements and owners. A few cars are already... continue reading
We are watching the Lake Placid Horse Show while waiting for a behind-the-scenes tour to start. My children ask me what is going on and I readily admit my lack of preparation. I really don't know. I start madly flipping through the pages of my program, attempting to speed-read the event rules. Thankfully a kind woman takes pity on me and gives me a quick set of rules so I can sound knowledgeable. I point out the starting clock set for 83 seconds to my children, basically parroting all that I just heard. Each horse has to make it around the course within the set time. My son starts... continue reading
July 4th......... conjures up many memories of celebrations from the past of hot dogs, bbq, parades, fireworks, concerts, boating, swimming, sunning, horse shows, theatre, movies....... ahhh, memories.While compiling the list of activities for my weekly report on regional events, I nearly ran out of space on the page. This coming weekend is chock full of activities for everyone. You will not have to wrack your brain looking for something to fill your time and create perfect days of memories this holiday weekend!Looking for a food related activity? The I Love BBQ and Music Festival takes place... continue reading
Perhaps you've heard that Lake Champlain reached record height this spring.Fish were swimming INSIDE boathouses. Owners were paddling THROUGH their once-dry businesses. States of emergency were called. Sandbags were filled. Ferries were closed. Waders and wetsuits were donned. Driftwood is being collected.Through April, then May, the rain kept falling and the lake level refused to recede. And everyone knew about it, as pictures of submerged and soggy homes and businesses have "flooded" the news - both traditional and social.Would the summer of 2011 on the Adirondack Coast be cancelled?The... continue reading
Fishing is a spiritual journey for some and an obsession for others. Some people spend their lifetime trying to catch that elusive fish while others just end up rowing the boat. What is the fun in fishing? I asked my husband and children as we gather up the gear to take visitors for an outing to celebrate New York State (NYS) Free Fishing Weekend June 25-26, 2011. This annual event started in 1991 as a chance for anyone to attempt fishing. No fishing license is required and it's a wonderful opportunity to give the sport of fishing a chance.My husband grew up fishing and shares the love with... continue reading
Father's Day can be celebrated in a myriad of ways around the Adirondack Park, Lake Placid, Wilmington and beyond. From a casual brunch or delicious dinner to a day on the links, there are plenty of things to do to let fathers know how much they are appreciated.Originating in 1910, the concept of a Father's Day is credited to Sonora Smart Dodd (Spokane, Washington) who wanted to honor her Civil War veteran father with raising Dodd and her five siblings. Local religious leaders further supported the concept and June 19th (Dodd's father's birthday) became the first celebration. President Lyndon... continue reading


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