13 Local Hacks: LP the affordable way

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So... you want to know how the locals do Placid?

We get asked a lot of questions here at the Lake Placid Visitors Bureau. And a lot of them have to do with affordability. I polled our staff members, and boy, we came up with plenty of local hacks - I can't wait to try some of them out!

Ok... we'll let you in on a few secrets. Just a few.

And, since we like our visitors, and know that vacationing on a budget is tricky. We're happy to share a few of our best local secrets

1. Package & Mid-Week Stays are where it's at!

There are great ways to stay in Lake Placid, surround yourself with luxury, and still keep to your budget. Many of our local lodging partners offer awesome mid-week deals and there are often stay and play packages available for golf, biking, etc. to enhance your stay! Why not play hooky and bring the kids for a weekday vaca? It's sure to make some great memories and you're sure to win some "coolest" parent points.

2. Embrace the outdoors!

If you're more into roughing it, there are tons of great nearby spots to camp, RV, or boat to a lean-to. Why not grab your sleeping bags and plan to really get back to nature? One of the things I love about Lake Placid is that if you decide to camp, you're still close to town (and coffee).

3. So many places to visit

So, now that you've picked your lodging, check out the great venues that are within walking distance to Main Street (if you're not up for the walk, no worries, we offer a free trolley service throughout the town). The Olympic Center is a great place to bring the whole family - take a tour, check out our history, try out the ice - it's pretty cool (pun intended). The kids will love Bowlwinkles' bowling, arcade, and bounce houses. Personally, I always check out The Bookstore Plus for my vacation reading, my son loves the free story hour, and my friends always enjoy the author signings and events. 

4. Free, free, free events: talk about a good deal

While we are talking about free, we certainly need to mention the many, many free events in Lake Placid. This is one Adirondack town that likes to have fun. The events change often and range from concerts to kids' shows, fireworks to festivals. Check our free events link often!

5. Speaking of free... We love MUSIC!

Mid's Park is where it's at all summer long. From the eclectic mix of the Songs at Mirror Lake series on Tuesday nights, to the free Lake Placid Sinfonietta concerts on Wednesday nights, plus various other music events all summer long, don't forget to pack your dancing shoes (and picnic blankets)!

6. Mirror Lake Loop - it's a must!

Don't feel like dancing? If you prefer to walk or run, the path around Mirror Lake is my number one choice for a quick fix! A mere 2.7-miles long, the paved sidewalk is relatively flat, lit 24/7, and a scenic outing for enthusiasts of all ages. Oh, yeah, and obviously it's free!

7. Moms know where it's at!

Of course, if you have the kids in tow - you'll have to plan for a stop at the Town Beach & Play Park. It's a local favorite, for sure. Clean, safe, and the perfect place for you to spend a few hours. There're free tennis courts, picnic tables, and a boathouse with changing facilities. Oh & this is important for our four-legged family members: on the back side of the lake, the pups can frolic in the water - and often do.

8. Of course, hiking around here doesn't suck.

Free for use and available in a variety of lengths and terrain, we present... the Adirondack Mountains. From the village of Lake Placid you can actually walk to some of our closest family-friendly hikes on the Peninsula Trail and Cobble Mountain. For the more athletic among us, hop in the car and plan a half-day or whole day trek. Heck, we can even help you plan a longer guided tour!

9. Bring the bikes!

Rather pedal? We have miles and miles of terrain for two-wheeled enthusiasts to choose from. Families love the Mirror Lake loop. Mountain bikers take to our singletrack, while cyclists hit our awesome scenic back roads. Whatever you choose, be sure to bring along a wee bit of cash for lunch at the farm stand and ice cream at the dairy!

10. So much to do...

Lake Placid is a great starting (and landing) point for all of your Adirondack adventures. Looking for a day trip to enhance your stay? Check with our friendly visitor's bureau staff for plenty of great ideas. Head over to the VIC in Paul Smiths, The Wild Center in Tupper Lake, or Santa's Workshop and High Falls Gorge in Wilmington, just to name a few. There may be a small admission fee, but it is well-worth the memories!

11. Chow down - like the locals

Now that you've worked up an appetite, you may be wondering where to eat. While we all have our favorites, we also like to make the rounds. One of our best tips is to find out which restaurant is hopping on which night! With so many specials, we can't name them all but here's a sampling: Lisa G's on Mondays for their famous wing night, Tuesdays at the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery offers two-fers on their brews, the Cottage has great happy hour specials all week long, check out ... well, you get the idea. Pop into a store and chat with the locals - they'll tell you where to go. Just ask!

12. Mmmm, yeah. Now, that's an Adirondack meal.

Oh, and lest we forget to mention it... ask for a doggie bag. Grab lunch at the Adirondack Corner Store or the Downtown Diner and you'll surely have enough to bring home.  Hit Green Goddess and grab a healthy salad, and some picnic supplies. Order appetizers at Desperados and make sure you have a couple of friends with you to share them. My personal insider's tip for this one: my son LOVES to order a few sides and call it dinner, we get a good selection of bites to share, and we always end up with leftovers!

13. Go ahead... ask us anything. We're ready.

Yeah, we are ready to field your questions. Just go ahead and ask - if we don't have the answers, we'll be glad to send you in the right direction! Lake Placid is affordable, fun, and more budget-friendly than you may think. With so many free events, activities, and lodging options - you should probably start planning for your next Adirondack vacation right now!

Spend, spend, spend... not so much!

It can be expensive to take a vacation. We know that; I know that. I'm, admittedly, thrifty - okay, call it cheap, whatever. Here's the thing... you save up for a few months (or longer) to take a great vacation, and you want to make the most of it, right? You want to stay within your budget and still have a memorable experience. I know I do. And usually I choose my destination based on what I've heard about it from friends online. It's the way of the world these days. If one of my FB friends proclaims they went on a cruise and it was super expensive, I cross it off my list. If someone tweets that they're at the ocean and it's crowded and a hassle, I cross it off my list. I'm looking for a fun experience that leaves me with great memories and wanting to return. And, I want it to fit my budgetary needs - whatever they may be (sometimes it's a few hundred dollars, sometimes more, it really doesn't matter as long as it fits!). So, here's my testimony - try our Lake Placid hacks, and you'll have plenty of fun memories of your Adirondack vacation. Trust me.

Camping is amazingly cost-effective & if you do it close to town, it's the best of both worlds!

If it's free, it must be lame, right? Wrong.

Last summer, due to a cool new job (ya know...where I get to write about the Adirondack Park) I spent a ton of time exploring close to home. Stay-cationing, as the case may be. I was shocked to find out exactly how many free and/or super-affordable options presented themselves. We biked, hiked, paddled, swam, camped, boated, and then did it all again. We checked out free concerts, visited farmers' markets, took in free kids' shows, and watched fireworks. (We even splurged on a shared dessert now and then!) What an awesome, stress-free, affordable place to be! So, this year, I think you should visit. Grab your bikes, your kayaks, your kids, and hit the Adirondacks up. Whether you want to stay at one of our award-winning high-end resorts, or camp on the shores of a lake, you'll never be far from adventure. The Adirondacks are literally at your doorstep. Who's with me?Free concerts in the park are a hit with all ages!

Check out our upcoming events and special package deals, and start planning your trip now!

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