Staying Green in Lake Placid is Easy

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Book a green stay for Earth Day

From hotels to restaurants we've got the perfect eco-friendly options for you. View our slide show to see how a downtown Lake Placid hotel went green.

Going Green in the Park

Nestled along the shores of Mirror Lake in downtown Lake Placid, is the award-winning family-owned & operated Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort that is among the greenest you will find in the country. Perhaps it's what you'd expect from a resort in the heart of the Adirondack Park (the largest publicly protected area in the contiguous United States).

Making Change Happen: First Steps

Re-purposed materials - such as how the wood removed from their restaurant remodel now lines the walls of the lobby.

Energy Efficient Lighting
Purchasing CFL light bulbs from the Boy Scouts, an annual tradition since 2005.

Form & Function

The Golden Arrow's beautiful white sand beach, made from crushed limestone helps counteract the effects of acid rain in the park.

Nature's Insulator

Green Roof
Installed in 2008, this roof is not only aesthetically pleasing, it saves energy by acting as an insulator keeping the building warm in the winter & cool in the summer. It also acts as a storm management system, catching pollutants, and the plants release oxygen helping reduce the hotels carbon footprint.




In-Room Recycling

If you look closely at the photo, you will see a brown paper bag on the closet door. Each guest room is given a recycling bag and the opportunity to participate in the hotels sustainability program. Since starting this in 2007, they've seen an 85% guest participation.

Green Bathroom Practices

Low flow toilets & showers save the hotel gallons each year, & their eco-friendly toiletry products reduce waste but still give that high-end pampering feel. 

Pool Side

The pool area contributes with updated plumbing, an efficient water & energy saving heating system, switch in chemicals used to treat the pool, and flagstone decking from a local quarry.

Solar Thermal Panels

In 2010, the first panels were added to increase energy savings and to heat the pool. With their success more were added to heat the laundry.

Additional Initiatives

It's hard to cover everything this resort does to grow its sustainability & reduce its footprint. It's all in the details developed & added over the years: easily patchable tear wallpaper for when damages occur; double-paned windows; purchasing 100% recycled paper products; choices in carpeting from mattresses to pens to maximize green efforts; green meetings with real plate ware/glasses; recycling & offering paperless systems; green cleaning agents, laundry; and a handful of guest rooms with in-room energy management systems. 

Sustainable Dining

Generations, the hotel restaurant, also contributes with grease capture donated to a local farm, an organic menu using locally grown food, wine & beer, along with green catering, and maple production. 

NYS Green Tourism

The resort is actively working with state officials including the DEC, EPA, NYSERDA, I LOVE NY & the Governor's office, along with NYSHTA to create a Green Tourism Council for NY State, so businesses will have a green resource to go to for help. 

5 Leaf Rating

The Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort is one of only six resorts in the U.S. to have received platinum certification in Audubon International’s green lodging program.

(The photo is how much the Golden Arrow recycles in a year, equaling 486 cubic yards)


Everyday is Earth Day

Earth Day Celebration
The Golden Arrow celebrates Earth Day with their guests from green gifts and educational offerings to setting up a local market with area businesses, farms and artisans. 

The Green Team
As part of keeping the green theme fresh & fun, the Golden Arrow has a proactive green team.

The Green Quiz
Throughout the resort there are frames from recycled & reclaimed materials containing environmental fun facts. Guests can pick up a quiz at the front desk & win a prize.

Thanks for Being Green Gift Bag
Guests who travel by foot, ski, or hybrid receive a gift bag & offer premier reserved hybrid parking.

Stay Green, Play Green

Eco-Friendly Lodging

Take a tour of the "Green" award winning Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort, 2015 Good Earthkeeping Award Winner for both New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association (NYSH&TA) (in 2015 & 2009) and in the small property category by the American Hotel & Lodging Assn. (AH&LA) (announced April 2015).View the slideshow above to see all they've done to grow green. 

Farm to Fork

In Lake Placid you will find a number of restaurants work directly with local farms. A local favorite is Liquids and Solids where you will find that almost everything on their menu is locally sourced, including their meats. Some other notable restaurants include: Chair 6, Caffe Rustica, Freestyle, the Lake Placid & Whiteface Resorts, but there are many more so be sure to ask the next time you visit.

Plan Your Next Lake Placid Getaway

Discover all there is to do that is green in Lake Placid. The Adirondack Park has over 6 million acres to play in. Hike, bike, paddle, fish, swim and more. Learn more about what to do here & reserve a green stay today!

Playing host in the Green: Conferences, Weddings, Meetings 

Built sustainable and GREEN, Lake Placid's Conference Center offers a unique eco-conscience space for your next conference, meeting or event. Visit our meeting's website and be sure to take the interactive tour of the Conference Center to see what's inside and learn just how green we are! 

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