Local Lake Placid Tradition: Tobogganing Taken To The Extreme

Picking your perfect sled

Finding the Perfect Toboggan is the first step. And, it's tough... Which one's the fastest? Which one will get you to slide the farthest? Oh, the choices! We suggest you take your time and really peruse your choices - feel the energy, become one with the sled. This is, remember, a high-speed thrilling mode of transportation!

Of course, if you're a real thrill-seeker, Lake Placid has some additional options for you. How about a bobsled ride?

But, how do I get to the top?

The Climb Up... Go ahead, grab that extra cookie and put some whipped cream on your cocoa. You're about to earn it! Once you've picked your toboggan, you're going to start the walk to the top. Anticipation only grows as you watch the high-speed action just a couple feet away. The climb up and ensuing conversation is seriously almost as much fun as the ride down! 

Why not plan to meet the new friends you've acquired during your adventure at one of our awesome dining options!

All Aboard!

Ok, you've made it to the top of the chute. Now the next big challenge is figuring out who's going to sit where? Just like a rollercoaster, many folks prefer a certain spot. And, every spot has a specific job: Front - takes the wind in face, screams the loudest to warn the others of impending doom; Middle - must be okay with being smooshed, holds on for dear life and must be okay with surround-sound screaming; Back - the anchor, the one that balances the sled - if s/he falls off the others will surely follow!

If your voice is feeling a bit raw after your ride, perhaps a warm drink will help!


Get A Little Bit Closer...

Kids of all ages take the plunge. And, when it comes to piling on the sleds, the adults are even more creative than the youngsters. Of course, they tend to be a bit more competitive, too. Many locals with years of experience will attest to the fact that if you want to go farther and faster weight distribution is key. I could let you in on the secret, but you should probably just plan on staying in town and taking a few rides of your own and to figure it out! 

Friendly Competition is Encouraged

The view from the top is enough to make your heart race. And, speaking of racing, why not challenge your friends to a little competition? In addition to the impromptu races that pop-up constantly, there are official town and organization-sanctioned race events. You could win fame (at least locally), bragging rights, maybe even a stack of cash or a unique trophy. Find out more about upcoming races and other fun happenings on our events page!

Hold On Tight!

Heart racing, yet? Remember, once you start, you just can't stop. Literally. But don't worry - hold on tight and you'll be at the bottom of the ramp spinning across the ice in no time!

Looking for a great lake activity that's just a bit more slow-paced and laid-back? Try out snowshoeing, you can rent a pair at one of our fully-equipped sporting goods shops

Fun For All Ages!

From big to small, it's fun for all. The tradition of taking a Lake Placid Toboggan Chute ride is a memorable experience for all ages - our local kids even visit on school trips. We think once you try it, it will become a tradition for your family, too!

Make sure you plan your next visit to Lake Placid when the ice is frozen and the chute is open! Don't forget to bring your skates and hockey sticks, when the ice is deemed thick enough Mirror Lake lake hosts tons of family-fun activities.

Bring It On Home

Of course, after a heart-pounding race across the lake, it's always good to have a support team waiting to pull you back to home-base! When I think of Lake Placid, winter, and super-fun things to tell visitors about, the Toboggan Chute always makes the list. Why not find out why for yourself? 

Want to warm up and watch the action from afar? Choose to stay at one of our outstanding lodging accommodations - many offer views out over the lake!

When The Ice Hits, Mirror Lake Is Open For Business!

When it comes to old Adirondack Traditions, Lake Placid has many. One of the local favorites, and something that is pretty darn unique, is our Toboggan Chute on Mirror Lake. This converted 30' Ski Jump Trestle is situated to send toboggans down the ice covered chutes and out across the frozen surface. Depending on weather conditions - and your skill as a master tobogganer - sleds can travel over 1,000 feet once they reach the frozen lake surface. It's mid-January, and the Chute is now open for business. Join us for a memorable experience - you'll be screaming our praises in no time!

Looking for something a little more laid-back? We have tons of great outdoor winter activities to try. How about enjoying one of our new traditions - skiing, skating, snowshoeing on our 2-mile groomed Mirror Lake Skating Loop!? Maybe kicking back and enjoying a dog-sled ride is more your style? We truly have something for everyone - find out for yourself, the hardest thing to decide now is simply which of our great accommodations are perfect for you!

*Please Note:  This blog was originally written in January of 2015 - an extremely cold, extremely frozen, season! The year 2016 marked a milestone for the Toboggan Chute - it got a fabulous facelift and visitors were able to ride the new chute starting in winter 2017! Toboggan rides are scheduled to start when the ice freezes, typically late-December to mid-January, and will run based on the current weather and ice conditions. 

If the weather is a bit more tame, check out this blog on other family-fun ideas to tackle while traveling to Lake Placid. Maybe you're traveling sans children? The Adirondacks are the perfect place to plan your next girls' night out, guys getaway, romantic weekend, or family reunion - here's the insiders' scoop from those in the know.

Thanks for reading, and catch you in the snow!

- Kim Andresen is the senior content manager for the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism, and a not-amazingly-outdoorsy-but-trying mom always in search of fun adventures to keep a very energetic little boy occupied!


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