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By Diane ChaseWhile Mother Nature makes up her mind on whether to let spring happen or not, we are filling our days with shoulder season ski adventures and snowshoe treks. My Adirondack kids are outside building forts and erecting, what we think, will be the last snowman of winter. Due to the recent dumping of snow, this may not be the case.We are a bit stir crazy and I need a break from the winter. I just want to grab a quick bite to eat and not think about snow. My son suggests Bowlwinkles Family Entertainment Center in Lake Placid. He lobbies hard and wins. My son would live at Bowlwinkles... continue reading
I'm all for snow sports - we live in the Adirondacks, after all. If one doesn't ski, snowshoe, snowmobile or otherwise embrace the beautiful white blanket that covers the landscape for so many months, the winter could seem very long!However, as a recreational cyclist, I am quite happy to see the first signs of spring. I live on the Adirondack Coast of Lake Champlain, the lowest elevation in the region and usually the first to see sure signs of spring; robins and bicyclists.My first ride of the season was last weekend. It was nearly 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and sunny. I have to admit that it was... continue reading
By Diane ChaseA winter storm watch is not was what I was anticipating giving my child for her 8th birthday. She doesn't seem to mind though as long as she can play outside. She wants to explore and we want to join her.There are so many places in the Adirondacks that we just drive by on our journey to another location. We pass the trail signs and think that we need to just take the time to explore. The trail to Owens Pond, just outside Lake Placid, is one such trail. Part of the Sentinel Range Wilderness Area, Owens Pond is a quick 0.5-mile hike to a beautiful pond. There are three ponds... continue reading
The communications profession has evolved to include much more than traditional public relations - we now spend our days developing website content for search engine optimization, writing blogs, sending fancy targeted promotional emails and networking socially on the intertubes. As such, although it sometimes seems like playtime, tweeting is part of my job.Here are some recent Twitter "playtime" conversation highlights:Bieber feverI've been receiving a number of tweets via the destination @LakePlacidADK Twitter account from what I assume is a very young lady. She has repeatedly requested that... continue reading
Making maple syrup is not for the faint-of-heart. It is hardwork, challenging and requires dedication. It is also rewarding, educational and fun. After a brief maple educational experience around our house I learned I was not ready to step into a maple making business. My memory pictures my husband venturing deeper into the woods, tapping trees while I collected the sap in 10-gallon buckets via a jury-rigged milkmaid neck yoke. We were not prepared to set up a maple business but thought it was (and still do) a great experience for the children. My husband sat up at night boiling the sap over... continue reading
Families come in all shapes and sizes and the challenging thing, without driving ourselves crazy or being a short-order cook for activities, is to please most of us. Story time activities may still fit my daughter so my son attends and just reads a book. We attend Biathlons that do not interest my daughter so she finds other ways to entertain herself. There are also those activities that we transition into as our family changes with age and interest.Seeing a play is something they both can agree upon. The live performances that my children have attended range from shows on Broadway to the... continue reading
Tucked away in a far corner of Placid Lake sits the Lake Placid Lodge. With a commanding view of the western half of the lake, Buck and Moose Islands and Whiteface Mountain, Lake Placid Lodge has not just the location going for it, but a phenomenal new chef and a nearly indescribable ambience as well.At times, you'll be lucky to be greeted by Maggie herself when you enter Maggie's Pub. Maggie, for those who are uninitiated, is the resident Golden Retriever, for whom the Pub is named. She is a fixture around the property and is a true welcome-wagon of furry delight! If you're not so lucky... continue reading
The word of the week is "snow". The beautiful result of a temporarily inconvenient blizzard left our region absolutely buried in close to 30 inches of the stuff on Monday.Though we "Adirondackers" pride ourselves on our toughness, that much snow definitely takes an extra bit of work to clear from walkways, driveways in order to return to normal life. On the other glove, Whiteface received the most snow of any resort in the western world during the week! Speaking of snow...Since the storm was predicted and promoted by the local and national weather service, my sister and I decided to take... continue reading
I can't remember a time when stories haven't been an important part of my life. My mother or grandparents would read to me at night. I listened intently to tales of their own history, sharing the "remember how it used to be" tales until I was familiar with a time when ice came from frozen lakes and a horse and carriage were the only transportation.Each book we read would be reenacted the next day during my daily play, as I became my favorite character. How would these characters lives turn out in their story? I would grip my pillow in anticipation, hoping that all would turn out well. The... continue reading
Being near an Olympic town, mychildren can become a bit nonchalant about the experience. Seeing world-class athletes and national champions is just another day in Lake Placid. It takes a visit from family for the kids to remember how unusual it is to see an Olympic ski jump or witness athletes vying for a coveted spot on a national team.It hasn't lost its appeal for me. It is magical to see the teamwork and dedication required to be part of such sports as biathlon, ski jumping and luge.This weekend allows for plenty of opportunity to be "part" of the United States Luge Team. On Saturday,... continue reading


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