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We all have our holiday traditions but nothing is seeped more in the tradition of winter activities than the town known as the birthplace of winter sports in America. Once again Lake Placid is bringing back traditions of ol'. The High Peaks Resort is resurrecting the Lake Placid Yule Log tradition hailing from the time of Melvin Dewey's Lake Placid Club. The Lake Placid Club opened in1896 and fostered the concept of a winter sports haven to guests that still draws in visitors today. From 1911 through 1980, the Yule Log continued bringing community and families together as part of the Lake... continue reading
Recently I uploaded a picture of a snow-covered Whiteface Mountain to my Facebook page. As I captioned it "What's in a name?" I got thinking about the Adirondacks'  High Peaks and wondering for whom and why some of the mountains have the names they do. I know I've read or been told the histories of some of our local mountains, but have long since forgotten most. My curiosity got the best of me and I set out researching and re-learning many interesting facts. I have a sneaking suspicion I don't need to go into the Whiteface name origin here, so I'll start with Mount Marcy, as it... continue reading
For me, this week began across the border. I don't like to stray too far from our Adirondack paradise, but Quebec represents an important travel market for our region. As such, each year I conduct a presentation to a group of media - some old friends, some new faces - at an intimate gathering in Montreal.This year, as always, my presentation featured all of our Adirondack regions, including Schroon Lake, Lake Champlain, Whiteface and our flagship destination, Lake Placid, of course. My goal was to provide an overview of all of our regions and their attributes, and to highlight the winter... continue reading
Snow is falling where I live in the Adirondack Park but places like Whiteface Mountain have been making snow and keeping all of our downhill skiing dreams alive. For the downhill skier there are many options to save money, which around the holidays is a gift in itself. There are group discounts and Lake Placid Ski Packages all waiting to entice us into a fun-filled Adirondack ski weekend. Whether you live in the area and have family visiting or vacationing for the first time, below are just a sampling of the many Whiteface and Gore Mountain discounts. At Gore Mountain (... continue reading
On Wednesday Whiteface ended up with 14" of fresh snow in what was the best opening week storm we have seen in a decade.  We were absolutely thrilled to end up with such bounty from Mother Nature and Old Man Winter, what a homecoming!Whiteface opened on time, early in fact, with the Face Lift spinning at 8:19 a.m. and we were even able to open the summit of Little Whiteface for top to bottom skiing and riding on over 1 mile of trails. But the most important story of opening weekend to me is welcoming home all of our winter friends old and new! Here Season Pass Holders discuss opening day:Jack... continue reading
There are so many places to go in the Adirondacks, six million acres of it. Even though we live close to a lot of the area attractions, the lovely thing about Lake Placid is its focus on public transportation. You do not need to have a car to get around. The perfect commuter companion is the free Placid XPRSS trolley. That is correct. This trolley is free. This green trolley stops at various places from the Olympic Ski Jumps, Main Street, to the Price Chopper Shopping Plaza. It is such a convenient way to get around town that I just park our car at the first available spot. Call 518-523-2002... continue reading
When the first snows of winter come to call in Lake Placid, people sit up and listen - or take note - or jump in feet first - or whatever. It's an event that evokes both excitement and dread (we do have to shovel it after all and that's not always fun). The dread soon wears off as we get our shoveling muscles toned up and we are immersed in a winter wonderland!We've been playing in the snow here in Lake Placid for over a hundred years and the first significant snowfall is always greeted with an air of excitement by those who play in it as well as those who are ready to welcome our visitors... continue reading
"Hello, Beautiful!"Those were the words my daughter uttered last night when she saw her first snowflake of the season. We were having a quick and easy meal in Lake Placid after a ski shop tour for new skate skis for my biathlon-training son. Suddenly my daughter pressed her nose against the glass and yells, "Hello Beautiful!" Sure enough, there was the snow we've been waiting for.There has been snow on some of the Adirondack High Peaks for a while but we haven't had the time to get back there to it. We have been waiting for the snow to come to us."Red Sky in morning, sailor takes warning. Red... continue reading
It's been what I'd consider a normal week in November, weather-wise. It began with unseasonably warm and sunny days, and ended yesterday with snow on the ground in Lake Placid!Our bloggers covered an equally varied bunch of topics this week:Sue Cameron wrote about this time of year from a local's perspective - with a couple of hints about how visitors can take advantage! READ ITAthena Roth writes about the current artist on display at Saranac Lake's Adirondack Artists' Guild: Janet Marie Yeates READ ITNEW! And this week, we are thrilled to introduce our newest blogger, Bridget Widget, our... continue reading
Each fall as winter approaches and we gear up for another season at Whiteface Mountain, I embark on some last minute adventures outside of the region before I hunker down for the winter. I only leave the region during the spring and after the leaves drop - very short windows in a perfect Adirondack world.My first adventure was a trip to New York City. I embrace the fact that no one really knows me in the city; I can drive and walk down the streets in complete anonymity, which strangely enough I find to be very relaxing. (Donít get me wrong- living in a small town is wonderful and I love it,... continue reading


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