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Olympic Hometown Parade

March - Home of the 1932 and 1980 Olympics, Lake Placid takes great pride in celebrating our hometown Olympians. After the 2014 Sochi Winter Games, we hosted a festive Main Street parade with our local heroes. Want to learn more about our Olympic Venues? How about trying out a bobsled ride or maybe a black-diamond trail at Whiteface, our very own Olympic Mountain? 

Spring Into The Outdoors

May - A walk around Mirror Lake is the perfect 2.7mile jaunt at any time of the year. We love that the primarily cobblestone path is maintained and lit year-round. The views are always worth stopping and taking in, and there are plenty of convenient benches just for that purpose. One of our favorite ways to walk the lake is to start at the Town Beach and head counter-clockwise around the loop - that way we can easily justify rewarding ourselves with a hot drink and sweet treat on Main Street as we end our tour.

Literally Mountain Biking!

Spring - We love the outdoors. We love hiking, swimming, paddling, and of course, pedaling! While we are well-known for our Ironman on-road bike course, our Mountain Biking options are crazy cool. Want to try hitting the trail on two-wheels but don't have the gear - we can help you out. Check out our local sports shops for tips, tricks, and even guided rides

Scale the Summit

June - Looking for a bit more of a challenge than your normal day hiking up Owl's Head? Get off the trail and hit the rocks. The mild spring weather is perfect for trying out a little repelling. Not sure you're ready to hit the wall? Owl's Head is the perfect short family hike, and has a few great spots to hang out and watch the climbers do their thing. Ready to give it a go? Contact one of our awesome local guides to steer you and gear you in the right direction.

Horseshow, Horseshow, Horseshow

June & July - Jump into the summer season... One of our biggest early-summer events just got even bigger. Well-known as the home of the internationally renowned Lake Placid Horse Show and I Love NY Horse Show, in 2014 we added a third week of events at the Adirondack Horse Show. Riders and visitors from around the world join us each summer for daily competitions with outstanding awards right in the heart of the Mountains. Want to see what the buzz is all about - plan to join us in 2015!

I Love BBQ & Music Fest!

July - The best smelling time of the year at the Olympic Oval is no doubt the first week in July! Home of the I Love BBQ & Music Fest, the Oval is taken over by the best of the best in the BBQ world. The 3-day festival (which coincides with our awesome fourth of July celebration) features tastings, competitions, demonstrations, kiddie games, BMX bike shows, music from lunch til dusk, and of course, sweet sweet barbeque! Mark this event onto your schedule now - your taste buds will thank you later!


July - Ironman Lake Placid - need we say more? The second oldest Ironman Competition in North America, this highly anticipated race begins with a 2.4 mile swim across beautiful Mirror Lake, followed by a demanding 112-mile bike leg through the Adirondack Mountains, and ends with a full marathon through the mountains and downtown that ends at the Olympic speed skating oval in the village of Lake Placid. I'm tired just thinking about it! 

Summer Skiing in the Winter Olympic Village

Summer - Oh yeah, did we mention conquering our lakes is just as enticing as scaling our Mountains? The Adirondacks are filled with fresh, spring-fed lakes. The village of Lake Placid actually sits on Mirror Lake - the perfect place for a quiet paddle, pedal, SUP, and swim. Meanwhile, Lake Placid lake is motor boat accessible welcoming water-skiers, tubers, and fishing boats. Not sure where Lake Placid is actually located? Take a stroll around Mirror Lake and you can get a great view and even take a boat tour from the Lake Placid Marina. Be sure to pick up a lunch and enjoy the day on the lake - you won't regret it!

LAX, ADK-style

August - When summer hits, balls start flying. Lake Placid's Summit Lacrosse Tournament is held in the shadow of one of the most scenic backdrops in the Adirondacks. With players of all ages and teams from near and far, this weekend of intense competition is a memorable experience for players and visitors alike. After the action on the field, everyone heads into town to fill up their bellies and quench their thirst while trading tales of the best plays of the day. Mark your calendar for the 2015 Lacrosse Tournament dates!

Plunge In!

Summer - Fresh, spring-fed, cool, crisp, crystal clear... just a few words to describe Mirror Lake. Our Town Beach is the perfect place to wile away the afternoon while the kids play. Take a walk up Main Street and grab a relaxing lunch, hit the playground or tennis courts, build a sandcastle. Seems like Lake Placid is exactly the place that dreams of summer vacation are made.

Run, Run, As Fast As You Can...

September & June - When the cooler air hits, we take to the streets. A popular event, the Lake Placid Classic Half Marathon and 10K is heading into its 45th year. We'd say that's a pretty good track record (or road race - as the case may be). Want to run our scenic route next year - mark down the dates now! How about taking things a bit further? Join us in June for the 11th Annual Lake Placid Marathon and Half. After a day on the course, race back to your comfy lodging and hit the pool or relax at one of our awesome spas!

Ahhh, An Adirondack Sunrise

September - We all love a good sunrise. But here in the Adirondacks, the viewing options are limitless. One of our favorite pastimes is an early-morning hike to the summit of Cascade. You'll manage to get one of the 46ers under your belt while taking in one of the best views in the Adks. Remember to dress for the weather and plan ahead - pick up a great grab-n-go breakfast from one of our awesome delicatessens.

Bluegrass invades the Mountains

October - When the weather starts to get chillier, we dance to warm up! This year Lake Placid added an upbeat Bluegrass Jam to the already great schedule of annual fall events. Read all about the 2014 event right here. Like music? Plan to join us for our annual Oktoberfest in the fall or the new Blues & Heritage Festival in June!

Fall at the Lake

Fall - We love hiking in the summer. But, we really love hiking in the fall! With gorgeous foliage all around us, there's nothing like a walk in the woods to renew and refresh us. Whether you choose to hike a high peak, stroll along the edge of the lake, or take a scenic car ride, the Adirondacks just beckon you to get out and explore. Oh, how I love a crisp fall mountain day!

Halloween Town!

October - Miniature zombies, Elsa in abundance, teacher-sized bumblebees... it must be Halloween in Lake Placid. Where else does Main Street close down to vehicular traffic so the school kids and toddlers can march in a town-wide parade? Stores open up their doors and pass out candy to our little trick-or-treaters from 3pm until close. There's a Halloween Dance for the littles, and a late night Adult Trek and Treat through the downtown bars. Yeah, it's safe to say Lake Placid is an awesome place to get your costume on.

Endless Sky, Peaks and Valleys

Fall - When people think of NY, skyscrapers and bright lights often come to mind. Keeping in that tradition, we offer you our own High Peaks illuminated by a breathtaking star-studded skyline. Camping in the Adirondacks is a breath of fresh air. Literally. Join us for a weekend, and whether you choose a tent, RV, or primitive site, we're pretty sure you'll be planning your next trip before you pack up. Maybe you prefer to view the mountains from your luxury suite? Well, we know how to handle that request as well!

Our Own Little Snow Globe Village

December - Life in Lake Placid is often like living in a perfect little snow globe. Our Annual Holiday Village Stroll Weekend just brings that fact to the forefront for visitors. With events ranging from live music to children's story hour, and dining specials to wine tastings, this weekend features events and activities for all ages. Santa even pays us a special visit - yeah, we know it's his busy time of year, but he does live right up the street... 

2014 caught on film...

Lake Placid, NY in the heart of the Adirondacks is the perfect place to invent your own perfect day. Of course, that perfect day is different for everyone - luckily our options are outstanding and the setting is spectacular. Join us as we take a look back through some of our most memorable 2014 events and activities as caught on camera. What would make up your perfect day? Hiking or biking in the High Peaks? Relaxing at one of our high-end spas or resorts? Taking a family boat ride or building a sandcastle with the kids? Oh, the choices... 2015 is just waiting for you, and so are we!

See you soon!

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