Get Geared Up For Fall Riding

Just because the weather has turned a tad colder, the leaves are changing, and the days are shorter, it does not mean we have to stop riding our bikes in the Adirondacks.  With a few fall specific gear upgrades you can extend your riding season right up until the snow falls.  Luckily we have great bike shops in our area that stock everything you need to stay warm and dry.  

Long Sleeve, bright colored jerseys are a must for fall riding

When I stopped into Placid Planet Bicycles on Saranac Ave. Co-Owner Julie Voss steered me right toward the brightly colored, long-sleeve jerseys and jackets.  Julie says the insulated long sleeve jerseys will keep you warm, the gore-tex jackets will keep you dry, and the bright colors will make sure that hunters can distinguish mountain bikers from their prized Adirondack buck when you're ripping through the trails nearby.  She said the bright colors also help on the road if you end up out on the roads in a low-light situation.  

Fat tire bikes are gaining popularity

Directly adjacent to the clothing, a bike with really fat tires caught my eye.  Placid Planet's other owner, Kenny Boettger informed me that fat tire bikes are gaining popularity all over the country because they can really go anywhere.  They work great on dirt roads, trails, snowmobile routes, and pretty much anything else you can throw at it.  He said the big tires get good traction on snow, and in wet weather, which we all know has a way of happening around here in the Fall.  Kenny says, this style of bike is a great way to keep riding, when less than ideal conditions would force the first trainer ride of the season.  

Cyclocross bikes are fun

Cyclocross bikes can also be a great way to extend the riding season, when it's a little too cold for the open pavement, but just right for a cruise on a secluded dirt road.  These bikes are shaped like road bikes, have stronger brakes, and nobby tires.  They are typically used for cyclocross racing, but can be a great tool for dirt road riding, or when the roads are wet.  

A pair of studded tires can keep you rolling well into ski season

For those who really wanto to push their cycling season beyond the first snowfall, a set of studeed tires are just the ticket.  These will ensure a safe commute no matter what the weather.  Who knows, someone might even want to use their bike to commute to Whiteface to make their first turns of the season.  

Whether your cycling forte' is on the road or the trail, your cycling season doesn't have to end when the kids go back to school.  There is still plenty of riding to be done in Lake Placid this Fall.  Stop by one of our great local bike shops to find out what you need to keep rolling.  

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