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We aren't actually going on the bobsled, this time. My partner in crime does not meet the 48" height requirement and if heredity stays true, she won't be that tall for quite some time. We drop her brother at Mt Van Hoevenberg for a skate ski lesson and figure out how to entertain ourselves. I have a bum knee from a skiing mishap and she is hungry. A short distance away is the Lake Placid Bobsled Experience. We are fortunate because busloads of people are being dropped off. Though you do need a ticket to enter the building, we ask if we can just watch a few runs while enjoying some hot... continue reading
"Unique Lyting"January 10, 1930--Skaters at Lake Placid Club actually do see stars, or to be absolutely truthful, a star when they skate. Not by direct and sudden contact with the ice but by merely gazing at the luminous 5-pointed colord star frozen in ice 5 inches below the surface of the rink. There, gleaming and glowing, tiny colord bulbs mark this electrical achievment. This is the first time in history that electric lyt bulbs hav been frozen into ice. General Electric Co and Edison Lamp Works ar cooperating with the Club in producing here this winter new lyting features never before seen... continue reading
As Lake Placid ramps up for the Empire State Winter Games and a weekend of events both here in Lake Placid and in neighboring Saranac Lake, I thought you might like to have a sneak peek at what it takes to get our little alpine villages ready for a fun-filled winter weekend.Snow is falling steadily this morning on top of the up to 6 inches we received the night before last and yesterday in and around Lake Placid. Our dedicated and experienced experts on "spiffing" up the town are busy today clearing streets, sidewalks, skating rinks and the toboggan chute, building an ice palace, setting up... continue reading
The evening began well, driving through snow to Lake Placid. In a winter where snow has been scarce, it was a pleasure to take it slow and watch the white dust softly blanket the roadside. My destination was the Lake Placid Center for the Arts, hereafter referred to as the LPCA. I was hoping to catch the Banff Film Festival and check out the Social Faceworking art exhibit all in one shot. Since I had not reserved in advance, how madcap of me, I had to wait until showtime to see if they'd be a seat left for me and the handful of other risk-takers who'd also gambled their way to the... continue reading
It's true, we've had to apply our Adirondack ingenuity and creativity to enjoy outdoor recreational opportunities in reaction to the variety pack of weather that we've been experiencing.In spite of the general lack of deep snow, the word of the week, in a positive sense seems to be "ice". For instance, it has been a stellar ice climbing season, and nordic ice skaters have been reporting terrific conditions. And, we're looking forward to a long-running ice-related event with great anticipation and optimism!The 115th Saranac Lake Winter Carnival, which is coming up soon from February 3-12.... continue reading
We have always been a four-season outside family. We ski, snowshoe and ice-skate in the winter.  Swim, sail, camp and hike in the summer and continue all those activities throughout the spring and fall.Traditionally I am not one to venture across lakes and ponds in the winter without an entourage. I am a follower in that aspect, not a leader. In the center of Lake Placid there are visual indicators to easily see when the ice is thick enough to walk across the lake, skate upon or even take a dog sled ride on Mirror Lake.One such indicator can be seen while shopping any of the Main Street... continue reading
"Saranac Lake's Carnival"January, 1911-Saranac Lake's mid-winter carnival is in every way one of the most successful in the history of the village. The Adirondack resort has been beautifully decorated for the carnival, the colors red, white and blue being displayed in many pretty designs. The main streets are trimmed with evergreen trees ten feet apart and frozen in banks of snow. With the streets profusely and beautifully decorated and extra electric lights the village presents a very gay and brilliant appearance at night.The great ice palace, which is the center of attraction, was completed... continue reading
As our neighboring town of Saranac Lake prepares for it's 115th annual (really!) Winter Carnival next week, one of the greatly anticipated preparations to watch is the construction of the ice palace. The warmer than normal temperatures this winter had led some to fear there wouldn't be ice thick enough for building. Not so. Last Friday, while passing by the site on Lake Flower, lo and behold, there were the first few courses of ice in place! We stopped and I snapped some pictures of the crew in action.  It's always a fascinating process to observe and amazing how quickly the palace goes UP... continue reading
For a rural area, the North Country has quite a few aspiring actors and supports any number of community theatre companies as well as two professional ones. Last night performers from many of the region's theatre companies--including Adirondack Regional Theatre, Essex Theatre Company, and Chazy Music Theatre--joined up with audience members throughout the area for an amazing evening of "Showtime: The Music of Broadway" at the West Side Ballroom in Plattsburgh where Broadway performer Karen Mason wowed us with her own special brand of song artistry. I was recently at a state-wide... continue reading
Cross-country skiing a portion of the Bloomingdale Bog trail is all I've ever managed to do. To do the whole 20 miles from end to end takes a bit more planning than what we want. Most of the time we want a quick, easy trail that gets us outside and can be skied by family and friends of all skill levels. Any segment of the Bloomingdale Bog trail fits the bill.Starting at the CR 55 parking area one mile west of Bloomingdale, we pass around the yellow entrance gates and head north toward Onchiota and the Buck Pond Campground. Even that destination is a bit too far on this chilly day. We follow... continue reading


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