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I finally caved and ordered a smart phone. It arrived yesterday in a high tech-looking little box. I was afraid to open it. I was afraid to turn it on. When I finally got the courage to do so, it automatically guided me through setting up all my contact lists, synching them and building what I found to be an unexpectedly gigantic list. What I didn't realize it would do was add ALL my Facebook contacts - a very large list - and included cell phone numbers for most of those people. Kind of scary that it finds those things so easily! So, there I was with an incredible piece of technology - now... continue reading
It was a busy week at the CVB, and an extraordinarily beautiful one, too. With the sun out in full force every day, temperatures in the 60's and 70's, and the sounds of birds singing songs from classic animated films in the air, it was tough to concentrate on our work.Of course, the huge news this week is that the long-awaited Conference Center at Lake Placid opened its doors officially to welcome its first meeting group. Read more about it HERE!The sun and dry weather were welcome, to say the least. The Adirondack Coast of Lake Champlain (and Vermont, too, of course) has been battling record... continue reading
One quick, on road, bicycle ride in Lake Placid is the John Brown Road loop. Starting at John Brown Farm and Gravesite, we park our car and hop on the bikes. Some of us need to get our bicycle legs back after a long winter free from pedaling. As John Brown Road has two entrances off Old Military, we bear left at the Y and head northwest onto Old John Brown Road for about 0.8-mile. At the end of the road we turn right onto Old Military Road, passing the North Elba Cemetery and Lake Placid Community Garden. People have already started doing a bit of spring cleaning.We deliberately choose to... continue reading
I acknowledge and appreciate the saying "Every day is Earth Day," but don't you think Mother's Day should be a bit longer than just 24 hours? It doesn't have to be every day. I was thinking somewhere in between spring break and summer vacation. It's just a thought. Well, to work up an appetite for Mother's Day, a trip to North Country School may be the trick. Founded in 1938, North Country School is a boarding and day school for children grades 4-9. In addition to a traditional curriculum, North Country School offers unique wilderness, farm and arts activities to enrich and support a diverse... continue reading
By Diane Chase We are always looking for inside things to do that do not revolve around watching television. My children have complete understanding of how the TV remote works so my husband and I feel they do not require additional experience. Since my kids are climbing up the walls, really the door frames, we felt it is the perfect time to try the High Peaks Cyclery indoor climbing room. Appropriately named "The Climbery," High Peaks Cyclery has cordoned off an upstairs room, near the yoga studio, dedicated to the practice and perfection of rock climbing. We are all... continue reading
Each year the month of April brings with it great anticipation and lots of wagering on when the ice will go out of both Mirror and Placid lakes. As I write this today, overlooking the last vestiges of ice in Mirror Lake, I think about all the years I've been living here and wagering on ice out. The Lake Placid Ambulance Service has an annual fund-raiser, selling tickets for the ice-out - not just the date, but the exact time as well. They engage the expertise of local "Ice Meisters" who officially declare the exact time of ice out. There are some bars as well which have various sorts of... continue reading
Celebrating Earth Day in the Adirondacks is a natural fit. Showing your family a section of the world that has been protected and treasured by millions is the beginning of an important education. I do not need to get on my soapbox because each person that comes here has a love and respect for the Adirondack Park in common. So for this Earth Day, whatever we do, the gesture does not have to be grand. It can be more like a New Year's Resolution for the earth.With the Adirondack Park's unique mix of public and private land, I always hope my children will understand the importance of people... continue reading
By Diane ChaseMud Season? Bah! We always find something to do whether it is splashing around in the mud or making pies with it. We can't always stay outside so it's just as important to know some great inside activities around Lake Placid, Wilmington and the rest of the High Peaks. We are often out on hikes or enjoying a springtime Adirondack paddle but we still like to sit back and relax. Thankfully there are a lot of things to do when it's mud season or just a rainy day.Brush On In is a paint-your-own ceramic studio at 2520 Main Street in Lake Placid that we found to be a fun diversion... continue reading
By Diane ChaseWhile Mother Nature makes up her mind on whether to let spring happen or not, we are filling our days with shoulder season ski adventures and snowshoe treks. My Adirondack kids are outside building forts and erecting, what we think, will be the last snowman of winter. Due to the recent dumping of snow, this may not be the case.We are a bit stir crazy and I need a break from the winter. I just want to grab a quick bite to eat and not think about snow. My son suggests Bowlwinkles Family Entertainment Center in Lake Placid. He lobbies hard and wins. My son would live at Bowlwinkles... continue reading
I'm all for snow sports - we live in the Adirondacks, after all. If one doesn't ski, snowshoe, snowmobile or otherwise embrace the beautiful white blanket that covers the landscape for so many months, the winter could seem very long!However, as a recreational cyclist, I am quite happy to see the first signs of spring. I live on the Adirondack Coast of Lake Champlain, the lowest elevation in the region and usually the first to see sure signs of spring; robins and bicyclists.My first ride of the season was last weekend. It was nearly 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and sunny. I have to admit that it was... continue reading


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