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Each fall as winter approaches and we gear up for another season at Whiteface Mountain, I embark on some last minute adventures outside of the region before I hunker down for the winter. I only leave the region during the spring and after the leaves drop - very short windows in a perfect Adirondack world.My first adventure was a trip to New York City. I embrace the fact that no one really knows me in the city; I can drive and walk down the streets in complete anonymity, which strangely enough I find to be very relaxing. (Donít get me wrong- living in a small town is wonderful and I love it,... continue reading
By Diane Chase, author of Adirondack Family Time: Your Four-Season Guide to Over 300 Activities for Lake Placid, Tupper Lake, Saranac Lake and the High Peaks. The stage is set for Gandalf and thirteen mighty dwarves to hike through The Shire (or rather Lake Placid) to enlist a reluctant Bilbo Baggins to help on a quest to slay the evil dragon Smaug. For those Tolkien fanatics, this musical version taking place at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts, though authorized by J.R.R. Tolkien, has a bit of a surprise ending. For those unfamiliar with Tolkien's "The Hobbit," this play with... continue reading
True to form, at the end of October the weather began to act like the November weather to come..cold, damp, cloudy with rain showers turning into snow flurries now and again. Then a teaser of a day with brilliant blue sky and warm sunshine lured us out to play in the outdoors some more. We've had a stretch of unseasonably warm and sunny weather this past week that has enabled those of us who live here year 'round to get outside and enjoy the more fall-like weather than November-like weather, as is the norm. You never know what's going to turn up weather-wise in November. It's always a gamble.... continue reading
One of the reasons my husband and I enjoy the lifestyle in this area is the abundance of green space. I know it may sound trite with the whole "forever wild" situation. I am sure we are not the only ones who take this accessible yet untouched wilderness for granted. We complain about the mud, the bugs, the ice and the snow. We complain about the snow (I realize I just mentioned it but feel it needed more emphasis.) We watch the ice come in and the ice go out. We also get to hike trails and paths, smell spring and see the change of season in a slow and magical way. Spring doesn't jump out at... continue reading
It's that spooky time of year again - when kids and adults prepare their trick-or-treating and party disguises to celebrate Halloween.However you spend the holiday, my advice is to watch how much candy you consume, don reflective outerwear to be safe, and I would be remiss if I didn't post Lake Placid-specific, and somewhat unique Halloween rule:Don't feed our crocodile.That's right; captured in the picture below is our elusive Lake Placid crocodile. During this spooky season, visitors are tempted to bring treats like cows and the like to the water's edge to entice our resident reptile out of... continue reading
 There are plenty of Halloween activities this weekend, with haunted forts, Fright Nights in corn mazes and Pig Roasts as options. There is also downtown trick-or-treating throughout Lake Placid, on Monday October 31st from 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. With all this Halloween candy coming to my house, the only thing I am looking forward to is a stomach ache or switching to my stretchy pants.One option to work off some of that Halloween candy, if your not out hiking those Adirondack trails, will be the Halloween Hustle 5K and Kids Fun Run on October 30, Sunday, at Mt Van Hoevenberg. The event is... continue reading
IS THAT SNOW IN THE MOUNTAINS?(It WAS - earlier this week!)Though there are still patches of bright foliage color in the region, the leaves have mostly fallen, and according to the number of interactions on Lake Placid's Facebook page when we posted the photo below, everyone seems fine with the prospect of snow in the future...But this weekend's temps are predicted to be in the 50 degree Farenheit range, not the 30 degree range, so no snowshoeing yet!Don't despair: there's still stuff to do. Historic fort flashlight tours, crack'in ukelele, harvest markets and mysteries:   - Kim Rielly is the... continue reading
Halloween is right around the corner and we are putting on the final touches to our Flintstones costumes. Oh, yes. We are the family that dresses up. My son chose the theme and we just "yab-a-daba-do" our way through a dress-up bin full of costume bits. Since we don't really live in Bedrock, dressing like the Flintstones has its disadventages. The underarmor I will be wearing under my shoulderless Wilma dress adds little to the look while "Barney" has been complaining about a few up drafts. It was his idea. So we do what we need to do being in the Adirondacks in autumn; layer, layer layer. It... continue reading
Like any good parents, we bought a used canoe for our dog on her first birthday.My husband Kevin and I have been kayaking for years. We have matching flat water boats; medium-sized so that they work well for excursions on Lake Champlain as well as on smaller slow-moving Adirondack rivers.Our previous dog, a black lab, didn't go along on kayak trips; he was more of a power boating sort. But we've been dreaming of multi-day family hiking/camping trips by water, portaging our boat from lake to lake, along with all of our gear, and our newly adopted doberman/shepherd puppy, Katie.We can't fit a... continue reading
Getting my family outside is as simple as opening up the door. The leaves are still bright gold and red in parts of the Adirondacks. We only need to look up at the trees to relish the gorgeous autumn colors. It is foggy and a bit damp from a recent rain so we just pull off the side of Route 73 to enjoy and explore nature around us.One place we like to relax is the Cascade Lakes boat launch on Route 73. Those stopping to climb either Pitchoff or Cascade Mountains easily miss this area. Upper and Lower Cascade Lakes are familiar to hikers as the access for Cascade and Pitchoff Mountains. Others... continue reading


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