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As of yesterday, there is snow in my backyard. More importantly, there is snow in the backyards in all the towns south of here to Albany and beyond. Ski conditions at Whiteface Mountain have been great all season. We know this, and this winter's visitors know this. However, the general lack of snow in the Northeast this winter hasn't helped create top-of-mind awareness of skiing outside of the Adirondacks.  Since I live on the Adirondack Coast of Lake Champlain, I know just how that perspective can change when your backyard suddenly looks like this: Spring... continue reading
The ski season may have started out slow but we are now fired up for even more chances to get to Whiteface and put our gear to the test. Though I am not the strongest skier in the family, I can make it down. It just may not look pretty. My children still wait patiently for me at the end of each run. Soon they will be off with their friends so I am grateful for the time I have.Mother Nature has been keeping us on our toes so we want to make sure we are out on the trails enjoying the new snow. She is finicky so we will take advantage of Whiteface having 8 lifts and 82 trails open.The view at... continue reading
"Ice Fishing Season Now in Full Swing" February 21, 1929—The fishing shanties which now colonize the shores of Lake Champlain on each side in small or large groups, make a curious spectacle for travelers and indicate a prosperous winter industry for localities where they appear in say number. The toothsome ice fish, or fresh water smelt, are taking the bait of hundreds of fisherman, housed in these rude shelters for many hours each day, and it is reported that at least a thousand pounds a day are being caught and shipped to city markets. Dealers buy them in quantity from the fishermen and... continue reading
Growing up in Lake Placid during the 50's and 60's carried with it some rather weighty obligations in terms of winter sports. Practically everyone learned to ski and figure skate and play hockey at a very early age. For me, I think learning to ski came at about the same time I learned to walk. Later, we'd trudge through the woods from our house to Fawn Ridge Ski Center, about 1/2 a mile away, awkwardly carrying our skis, me dropping them frequently, bringing a five-year-old's tears with it and big brothers scooping me up and keeping me going (if I didn't get there, neither would they!).... continue reading
One of my favorite places in the Adirondacks is The Old Mill Bed and Breakfast and Art Studio in Elizabethtown. I first saw The Mill about 16 years ago when I joined our regional bed and breakfast association and met Mill owners Bruce and Beki Pushee. I have been in love with their home (which is in the bed and breakfast) and the outbuilding Mill Art Studio ever since. I have performed live theatre in The Mill, been to art exhibits there, benefits, concerts, and other events in this gorgeous and inspiring space. In fact, I had just finished a performance of Agnes of God under its roof when... continue reading
This week, the word is snow.Whiteface mountain reported ten inches of new snow on Thursday, and that was before this weekend's storm!  Mirror Lake has been buzzing with activity all week. The ever-popular dog sled rides clrcle in the background, as the scene has been filled with skiers, skaters, and screamers - the latter caused by the Toboggan Chute. We got a chance to take some pictures of the beautiful horses standing ready at the Adirondack Equine Center, too.Check out this Lake Placid tobogganing video: Blogger roundup: Our bloggers have covered... continue reading
Finally we have snow and plenty of it.  Though Whiteface has been making it on the mountain this whole season, it is a nice treat to be getting this late dumping of fresh snow. So for those that will be at Whiteface this weekend, February 24th will be the start of the New York Ski Educational Foundation (NYSEF) Alpine J1 and J2 State Championship and I will be there to help. If you're skiing at Whiteface drop by the start house and watch these talented racers give it their all. There will a Super G, Giant Slalom and Slalom. This is just one of many events that NYSEF hosts at... continue reading
  "Mountain Names"    By Marjorie PorterAugust 17, 1945--Origin of some of the names of the principal peaks of the Adirondacks as ascertained from an authority, is of interest. It is a matter of regret that the old Indian names of these mountains were not retained for they, almost without exception, convey some idea or association peculiar to the locality to which they relate. What could be more appropriate than Mt. Seward's original name Ou-Kar-lah, the Great Eye; McIntyre, Henoga, Home of Thunder; Mt.Colden, Ounowarlah, Scalp Mountain; Whiteface, Thei-o-no-guen, White Head; Indian Pass,... continue reading
We are not a family that does just one sport so if we aren't downhill skiing, we are snowshoeing, ice skating or cross-country skiing. Just as much as we relish our outside snow sports, we like to have inside winter options as well. The Wild Center in Tupper Lake is a next mixture of both. Each weekend through March 25, the Wild Center will host free workshops and family art and nature days (with price of admission). The Saturday seminars' goal (1:00 p.m.) is to nurture skills like reducing our carbon footprint or improve wildlife identification. The Sunday programs (noon – 2:00 p.m.)... continue reading
"Ski Soldiers Have Anti-Tank, Machine Guns Here With Them"January 10, 1941—A new contingent of 26th U.S. Infantry ski troops started training at Placid this week and may be seen in action on the slopes and trails each day under Rolf Monsen, instructor. This week's soldier group has been augmented by a special detachment, all of which are completely equipped with combat equipment, consisting of packs, rifles, side arms, machine and anti-tank guns for actual winter war maneuvers under snow conditions.    Machine guns will be mounted on dog-sleds and toboggans and will be drawn into battle... continue reading


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